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29 Mar 2020

Blog Migration - NEW Domain

Thank you all for the support given to this blog.
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23 Mar 2019

Yayoi Kusama Hometown and A Visit to Matsumoto City Museum Of Art

It has been some time since I last blog on this little space of mine. Just an update which has bugged me to finally post on my latest trip to Japan. The one pit stop from my itinerary was to visit Matsumoto City Museum Of Art despite the winter.

As you can see, Matsumoto is Yayoi Kusama's hometown and the building is speckled with her signature polka dots. Even the shuttle bus which I took that made their rounds was covered in polka dots.

''The Place For My Soul'' was the exhibition held within Matsumoto City Museum Of Art. It showcased various Yayoi Kusama's works from when she started her art journey and so on. Sadly no photography was allowed and I had to respect that. 

There was even lockers to store your belongings, a library, a cafe as well as a retail store which I ended up buying 2 of Yayoi Kusama's merchandise. I also took some time wandering around the museum, admiring its architecture and taking photos of it.

I sure was glad that I have visited a famous artist's hometown!

4 Nov 2018

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Staycation Review

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Staycation

I had a staycation with mum over the weekends at Sofitel Singapore City Centre, nestled in the heart of the central business district. I was rather surprised at first since I wasn't expecting to find a luxury hotel around Tanjong Pagar, especially directly above the MRT station.

The hotel was rather elegant to begin with, as my mum and I stepped in, making our way towards Racines, a French and local Chinese restaurant for lunch before checking in. Chilled soup and bread was served as we waited for our mains to arrive.

My mum ordered the braised Ee-fu noodles with scallops, XO sauce, mushroom and chives ($24.00). It was really savoury and tasty. Sad to say the Squid dish ($28.00) that I had ordered was really disappointing. Tough squid stuffed with glutinous rice and the portion was really small and unfulfilling.  

Racines Resturant

Racines Resturant

Racines Resturant Ee Fu Noodles

Racines Resturant Squid

After the meal, we headed to the twin-bed room to take a look around. Pretty cosy with a view overlooking rows of shophouses. My eye lit up as soon as I caught sight of a bath tub. Yes I did soak in it for an hour or so around 2am in the morning as well as the next day before checking out. 

The hotel provide a welcome drink which could be claimed anytime during the stay from 1864 bar. My mum and I both picked the mocktail of blended mint leaves and lychee. Refreshing drink to go with some complimentary snacks.

I did use the hotel facilities such as the gym that night as well as sitting by the swimming pool the following morning. I did not enter the pool since it was too small for laps anyway. Too bad there wasn't any sauna or steam room available in the toilets.

It was definitely as nice staycation as I got to spend time with mum and to relax.

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Rooms

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Rooms

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Rooms

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Rooms

Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Welcome Drink

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Gym

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Pool Side

Sofitel Singapore City Centre Pool Side

20 Oct 2018

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition was held from the 9th June to 30 Sept 2018 at Marina Bay Sands' Art Science Museum. I visited with a group of friends who were also keen to find out more about the exhibition.

Basically, there were many panels of introduction of each characters throughout the exhibit which I would skip like most people do. The main focus would probably be the life size figures of Marvel characters since it they were photo worthy and instagramable.

I love how they tried to incorporate digital technology into the exhibition. The part where different iron man suits were flashed onto a plain "mannequin", groots' movement detection, Dr Strange's portal & reality warping as well as digital ants & wasps.  

Overall it was considered a fun tour around with plenty of photo taking going on. Thankfully people do queue and wait for each other to finish taking individual photos with their favourite hero (except Thanos), at least on that day I was there. Too bad my favourite Scarlet Witch was no where to be found. There was even a retail space selling Marvel merchandise at the exit. 


16 Sept 2018

IDS Clinic Pico Laser Treatment Review

I have been wanting to do face laser treatment ever since my army days, hoping that such a treatment could at least lighten my acne scars that had haunted me for years.

Since I am just lazy to do a detailed research on face lasers procedures as well as pricing, I decided to just stick back to the same skin specialist clinic which I have been visiting every few months for my keloid jabs and purchase of skin products.

I opted for a 6 session package which cost me around $2500+ and religiously scheduled each session every month for 6 months. For each session, the procedure was smooth, except that the waiting time could be a little unbearable after 6pm for Fridays (peak timing). The longest I had waited was 1.5 hours since the weekends would be perfect to stay home and away from staring eyes. 

After the nurse have cleansed my face, numbing cream is applied for up to an hour for it to take effect. I usually kept requesting for the timing to reduce to half an hour instead since I could withstand the pain and did not like waiting too long. The pico laser procedure was quick, just like a scanner scanning through my face up to twice for deeper scars. As for being painful? Just don't ask me because my tolerance has increase due to countless painful pimple extraction from facial outlets I had went before.

After each pico laser session, I would leave IDS clinic red-faced and wearing a mask to hide my face. (As you can see from the picture below, it gets pretty red.) Depending on the intensity of the laser session, the redness varies. Of course the pain varies as well. A cream was given for application to reduce the redness which I felt was hardly effective and just decide to let the redness subside on its own. The downtime was about 5 -7 days before my face wasn't red and I wore mask to work to prevent stares. I also diligently applied sunblock and carry an umbrella just in case.

Don't get me wrong as this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to pen down my thoughts about laser treatments as I had always thought that such treatment does miracle to faces. Don't daydream of having porcelain smooth skin after 5-6 sessions of treatment but as least I could see my acne scars being lightened to a certain extent. Thank you doctor! 

26 Aug 2018

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

I thought it was mandatory to visit Kuching Cat Museum the following day after a fulfilling time at the Rainforest World Music Festival 2018. Since the locals fondly called their city 'Cat City' due to the fact that 'Kuching' means 'cat' in Malay, why not visit their cat museum and check out their collection?

My friend and I cabbed over to Kuching Cat Museum, located at Bukit Siol. We were greeted by a cat head arch at the entrance which prompted me to start snapping pictures. Admission is FREE, however, a very small fee is needed for photography in the museum itself.

I was definitely awed by the huge collection of cat related artifacts in its gallery, all neatly categorised. Browsing through the collection, there were paintings, cross stitch, jewellery, sculptures, miniatures, toys of anything 'cat' I could imagine. Even iconic cats such as the Hello Kitty and Garfield were not left out of its collection. 

I admit I wasn't exactly a feline lover and I had a quick browse through. At least I had pictures for references unlike Kuching's Natural History Museum and Textile Museum which doesn't allow photography.

Do not miss the souvenir booth if you know friends who love anything to do with cats!

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak

Cat Museum, Kuching, Sarawak