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7 Apr 2013

Custard Puffs

I decided to bake some choux pastry some time ago, hoping that my lousy oven would
not fail me. These were unfilled puffs which I manged to bake and they were hollow
and light. A couple of them did not raise well while 95% was enough to delight me.
As for the filling, I was still deciding whether to fill them with pastry cream or custard.  

I made the custard cream the following day, and it turned out rather rich and had a
creamy consistency. I felt that it was a little bit on the sweeter note that could easily
be corrected next time. I was rather lucky that the amount of custard made was
sufficient to pipe all the puffs. Sharing these little puffs with my family and friends
was the best past of baking as they enjoyed biting into them, allowing the custard
to ooze out slightly while savoring the sweetness that linger in their mouth.