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31 Dec 2014

Celebrating Christmas 2014 at Carlton Hotel Café Mosaic!

In just less than an hour time, it would be a brand new year. Year 2015! New year, new resolution as well! Avoiding buffets has always been in my resolution list for the past few years and it had never succeed. Not even close since I had buffets countless times within a single year. This time, I dared not add that statement to the list.
Anyway, it is a #throwback post of what I ate this Christmas with my family! Christmas itself acts as a yearly family gathering as well as to indulge in a feast. I know that festive seasons are when buffets would take the advantage to hike up their prices, at the same time adding on a couple of delicacies such as the turkey, minced meat pies, panettone and stolen. We still went for Carlton Hotel's buffet, in the name of the meaning 'gathering'. Buffet selections usually changes from time to time, therefore nowadays I seldom touch on them. I still have a huge list of buffets which I have visited on the side link of my blog though.

Christmas always comes with gingerbread, like they were meant to be a package. Never did I expect to see a really huge gingerbread house covered in icing (as snow) and decorated with colourful m&ms.

Not surprised at all to find a fat looking turkey under the spotlight (heating lamp) too. It definitely was tender and juicy!

On and off while I ate, I took a couple of eating selfies just for fun. Chilling a bit with supposing a bowl of caeser salad. Not quite my liking since the common bowl used for self making salad was already polluted by all sorts of different salad dressing done before me. It just  tasted aaaarrggg... Many buffets also has this salad station with the same problem too.
After consuming a considerable amount of food, walking around to snap selfies with the gingerbread showpieces would give my stomach a chance to relax a little. 
Another shot!

Decided to zoom in a bit into the little santas!
Cute little bear goes out to play!
 What is Christmas without logcakes? This log was sinfully rich and chocolaty that made me really addicted to it. A couple of other desserts such as a konnyaku jelly, mango pudding and some other mousse cakes were also transformed into logs as well. However, nothing could beat this one!
 The red velvet with cream cheese frosting was another favourite of mine. Not too sweet...

Another whole chocolate cake! I felt that having the whole cake out on the buffet spread felt more 'sincere' to us paying costumers since we paid a higher price during the festive period. Those petite blocks were just not for me.

Just spamming on every single desserts available. The durian pengat was really popular that day but too much flesh for my liking.
The tea selection were sadly from Lipton, which I considered an inferior quality brand. I could have drank a few cups if it were from TWG!

After a long non-stop feasting cum selfie session, our dinner finally ended with us having a bloated stomach. A mandatory shot with the yearly setup Christmas tree as backdrop!
Hoping that year 2015 would be a better one for all of us! 

15 Oct 2014

Migme social entertainment platform - #migupSG #migmesg

I was invited by the guys behind #migmesg as an invited blogger to the #migupSG talk the other day. I headed down to their office to find out more about this social entertainment platform since I have not heard of it before. (Migme has been re-branded as it was previously known as mig33.)
I will let these cute migme stickers do the talking since they are so eager to share more about Migme!

Hey there! *waves* Since Migme is rather new in Singapore, I shall give you guys a brief introduction of what Migme is all about!

If you like dressing up an avatar like me *act cool*, there are just so many different clothes to choose from. How about being cool virtually like me?

Migme have a leveling system where you get to level up! Obviously the higher the level, the more accomplished you are, just like gaming. Pssst, one of Migme team member is a huge fan of Dota 2, just like me! Anyway, being higher level unlock more functions such as being able to create chat groups at level 10, larger chat rooms as well as able to give more premium gifts.

The variety of gifts is really huge! Hmmm you won't expect what your friends might give you...*evil laugh*
I am dying to see your reaction when you open that gift box...

You won't be bored since Migme incorporated a live chat where you could chat with your friends privately if you are mutually following each other. Larger chat rooms available for bigger groups too!

You don't have to crack your brain too hard or stressed over what to post. Just post what comes to your mind. Adding a couple of pictures would also be great! Not to forget those ##### (hashtags) of trending topics. 

Even if you don't post anything, you could be a stalker detective like me to check out on other people's profile or what they posted.

Back to me and ending my post with 2 random pictures I took!

3 guys with 3 migmes' or whatever you call them...
Feel free to sign up an account and add me @dessertingbeauty as well!

21 Sep 2014

Lime Restaurant Lunch Buffet - Just another buffet spam

Time to update this space of mine! This was actually quite sometime back before I started working. I was desperate for a buffet meal again and being skinny is a horrible excuse to splurge on another buffet meal.
Lime left quite a good impression the last time I had the dinner buffet and I was back again for lunch this time round.

I kind of hated it when my friend and I was thrown to the extreme corner table where the service sucks due to the seating location. Please, the restaurant was not even packed that day! We also had to walk from one end to the another end to take the desserts! Since I am a dessert person, imagine the countless times I had to walk...?!

The food variety seems like it was exactly same as dinner time. Not that fantastic but decent.

Due to the lighting, our wefies pictures were so overexposed! I kind of liked it that way because I do not need to do much editing! 1st time using the selfie stick!

Loved this picture and I took it using the selfie stick too! Top view really rocks! Look at the clear picture of my steak!

Wow green tea cake! The colour was rather pale, too pale to be natural? Basically greentea cream and rather dense sponge.

The super chocolaty ice cream was good! So chocolaty that I feared a pimples outbreak would occur within the next few days after consuming a single scope. The lime sorbet was really sour and a bitter aftertaste that was deemed unpleasant to me. So not my type... 

Not to forget a series of kuehs that caught my attention due to their brilliant colours!

There were many more but I only want to feature one of my favourite dessert that day, which is no other than the durian pengat with gula melaka. I had to drain off the gula melaka because it was too sweet! I think I took about 10?...or more? 

19 Aug 2014

Niche Boulangerie - Your homely neighborhood cafe!

I know many people out there dream of opening their own cafe. I don't mean cafe tycoon or restaurant city where you get to effortlessly open one outlet in your iPad or whatever mobile device you have. Pardon my lengthy story line since both partners of this cafe are people whom I personally know, decided to take the plunge and open a cafe at Toa Payoh.
Starting a food and beverage company is definitely not an easy task since everything has to be planned right from scratch. From renting a space to designing the interiors to settling the troublesome and problematic AVA, it took more than a month and also longer than expected. It was a draining experience, the amount of commitment, effort as well as stamina needed for Niche Boulangerie. Thanks to my friends, I personally get to experience the thrill of working in a cafe! Anyway, despite the hectic production, they produce the following products fresh from the oven almost daily, in their really cramp and small kitchen. If you were to visit them, Melvin's mum, a really nice lady in her seventies could be spotted helping him run the front of house. His pretty wife would often drop by the cafe in the evening after her full time job to help out too.
Anyway, let me introduce some of his niche products available daily, unless they run out of stock. Most of these pictures were taken from my instagram.

Herb Brioche ($1.50) - These buns are just pure buttery goodness. I have seen many aunties and uncles from the neighborhood dropping by in the morning, just to grab some for their breakfast. You could make your own delicious sandwich with these at your convenience.  

No Nonsense Chocolate Brownie ($3.50) - Really affordable based on their size, these slabs of walnuts topped chocolate brownies are baked perfectly for chocolate lovers. It is towards the slightly choco-bitter and fudge type which goes well with ice cream!  

Bacon and Cheese Scones ($4.00) - Shaped like gold bars, these unusual scones were as precious as gold. You would not want to leave any crumbs remaining on your plate because they were that yummy and not overly dry. Do not worry if you do not have a savory palette as there are also honey + cinnamon and cranberry + orange scones too!    

Banana Nutella Muffin ($2.50) - Another popular choice that often sold off fast would be the Banana Nutella Muffins. For every production of these muffins, he would use 100% fully ripen pure banana flesh to make! No artificial banana essence or flavoring at all. I can vouch for it since I helped in his kitchen before. Besides being natural, the muffins are ultra moist and fluffy too. Sometimes other muffins such as carrot, berry, etc, are also available.

French Apple Tart - Sweet almond paste filling and tartness of the granny smith apples really compliments well in that tart shell. Also goes well with a scope of ice cream! 

Macarons - Alright, macarons could be rather uncommon in here since they focused more on other productions instead. A batch is normally gone within 2 or 3 days.

Black Diamond - Purely chocolate indulgence.... (I forgot the descriptions..)

Red Velvet Cake - Not the usual chocolate sponge with red coloring. The sponge itself is made with almond paste, making it substantially delightful to munch on, pairing well with the light and rich cream cheese frosting. 

Strawberry Cheesecake - Using baked method and not the easy chilled way, the size of this cheesy goodness is huge enough for 2 to share. 

Mango Tart - Freshly diced mangoes with vanilla cream in tart shell.

There are also home made lasagna available for lunch/dinner that comes with salad. Really reasonably priced too.  

The Kampung Chicken Pie is also made in limited amount, usually on weekends and would be wiped out rather quickly. I had one for my dinner before and it was really filling. Everything is made in house, including the filling and pie shell.

See what I meant when I say it is overloaded generously with ingredients such as chicken, mushroom, carrot and broccoli. 

Anyway the menu is usually not fixed and sometimes there could be new creations and seasonal desserts. The variety of items has since increased and do check out their facebook page here for more information.
They do customized cakes and even orders for any sort of parties too!


  • 128 lorong 1 
  • Toa payoh unit 1-833

8 Aug 2014

Alive Museum Singapore and some tips to thoroughly enjoy the experience!

I seldom post about lifestyles. But once I do, I do it wild!

I have been wanting to make a trip to Korea partly because of one of its main attraction, the trick eye museum. Thanks to #omy and #alivemuseum , I now had the chance to experience something similar and enjoyable! It is to visit Alive Museum conveniently located at Suntec City!

So here are some poses my friend and I did at Alive Museum Sg! Enjoy!
(Note: Some of the captions may contain colourful languages.) 

Smacked right at the entrance, the first exhibit was this bare ass woman on the bed.
Hey! I wasn't going to touch that ass! Quit spying on me!

Another one of the more perverted horny shot of me .... Don't judge me as this was purely for photo taking purpose only!
(Note: These 2 pictures are about to be removed from the exhibit site due to many negative feedback.) 

Hail to the king! The really relax and slack one.

Hi mom, I am hungry. Can I have food now?

Nooooo! Let me go!

Summoning forest dragon jitsu! Wrong hand sign for a summoning jitsu....O well....I watched too much Naruto episodes!

There was also a fully mirrored room with disco lights! What happens when you place blogger with mirrors? Werking it out with camwhole shots! Girls please wear skirt, we guys promised not to peep.

I did this inverted shot since we had the whole mirror room to ourselves!

When people started coming in, you have no choice but to have them in your shots just because it is a mirrored room! Duh!

''I came in like a wrecking ball!'' My friend owned this picture.

I am not surfing any porn website in here! Oppps, stupid mirror!  

I don't know why I looked so calm in here... 

Another picture which owned me flat. My friend did a bit of unbuttoning to show his abs tummy! He is going to slaughter me for this.

Thankfully nobody else was around when I stripped and took this shot! Help! The whirlpool is sucking me hard in!

Another dramatic shot! If only a girl would wear a bikini for this....(Not X-L size like below!)

I hope I don't get such a heavy girlfriend or my back would break!

Used my friend's shot as I just refused to get hit! I either blocked or dodged. 

NOOOO! My soft serve ice cream! I will Kung-Fu-Fight you for this Mr Panda!  

Unleashed the hulk in me! Hulk Smash!

Hi batman, you will get diabetes eating me...because I am too sweet...  

Warning: The pole here is really slippery and difficult to climb/grip!
''I am on top of the world looking, down on creations.......''

I forgot how I did this!

Weeeee! A clearer view of your d!ck! Why so small one!?!?

Save me from these zombies!

I am such a great and talented artist! 

A bit exaggerated in here since a couple of eyes were on me when I took this shot. Thankfully I could do low rope during my army days easily but just be careful of rope burns! Dang, I should have videoed this station instead!

There were many other stations which I did not feature in this blog post as I did not want to be such a big spoiler (I am only a small spoiler...).

My tips for those who want to thoroughly enjoy the experience:

1) Hate those spotlights as they tend to spoil most of my beautiful pictures with me inside. You will notice many patches of light reflection throughout my pictures. Just try to exclude the lights as much as possible.

2) Not only the exhibits are under the spotlight, I myself look ultra white in some of the photos. Get your photographer (best a patient one) to instruct you on the positioning.

3) You do not necessary need to follow the instruction of where to stand to take the best shot, experiment with different positions for personal preference.

4) One important thing is to get the angle right! Hard to explain in the form of words but be sure to keep the alignments in check.

5) Wear clothes you don't mind lying on the floor with because some stations require you to do so.

6) It is really boring seeing repetitive poses of people at each stations. To outshine, be as dramatic as possible, or show exaggerated facial expressions. Pose something people would not dare or want to do.

7) Posing with friends make the experience more fun and lively. However do not overdo it such as having 10 people in a picture.

8) Towards the end of the exhibition, my energy level was drained out. Train up a bit on your flexibility, stamina as well as strength because these are required for crazier extreme poses.

Currently, Alive Museum is having a promotion! Check out the link here for more details!

Ticket Prices
Adult 13 yrs and above: S$25
Child 3 – 12 yrs: S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child: S$60

Opening Hours
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Suntec City Mall
 #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4)