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28 May 2014

Little Part 1 Cafe - A corner to cozy up!

Chilling in a cafe has always been my favorite hobby, especially when it was my friend who decides on the location. (So I need not crack my brain and stress on where to go!) Having been to Upper Thomson countless times to dine, I was surprised that I had actually missed out this 'Little Part I Cafe' which was located near Upper Thomson Plaza. Took a shot of the entrance since it portrayed a retro feel. (Stupid black car spoiled my photo!)   

Despite the range of beers and other alcoholic beverages available, the desserts option was quite limited, roughly about 5-6 choices only. My friend took the walnut cheesecake since he had cravings for cheesecakes that day. Every mouthful of cheesecake had plenty of walnut bits in them, nuttier than cheesey! He got an apple cider beer to pair with his cake!

As the selection of cakes did not persuade me to try them, I went for the waffle instead. The pale yellowish looking waffle came with a scope of vanilla and chocolate ice cream that tasted rather decent. However, the texture of the waffle was not what I had expected it to be - Crispy. It was soft, chewy and soon soggy. (Somehow my friend liked the chewy texture.) Anyway, I still enjoyed the dim, homely and cozy ambient, the company of my friend and the night view of the quiet road outside.   

27 May 2014

Sushi Megumi Japanese Resturant - Quality > Quantity

My friend brought me all the way to Sentosa to have lunch at a Japanese Resturant which he often patronize and rave about. The place is quite inaccessible for non-drivers like me, since it is located within Sentosa Golf Club. Be prepared to view some pictures of authentic Japanese food prepared by the Japanese chef himself!

Not the typical outdoor view you usually get! A segment of grassy plains where people play golf - OMG so beautiful!

Golf carts parked neatly along the road. This picture could be a perfect painting inspiration!  

Despite the beautiful view of the golf course, we still dined indoors to escape the afternoon heat. The indoor seating is definitely much more 'Japanese' and comfortable too. I noticed that the other guests were mainly golfers or businessmen having a meal with their client. 

My friend had the Chirashi bowl! (Close to $40)

It definitely was tempting to see his entire bowl of rice being covered with a variety of fresh ingredients! Uni! Toro! Unagi! Etc....!

My other friend and I decided to go for the Bento set which came with a bowl of rice and miso soup. The lighting was dim and my pictures did not give justice to the yumminess of the food. (About $40 a set which I felt was worth the value!)

Going a little into details, strips of carrots, black fungus and maybe prawn paste (felt the tingling due to my allergy to crustaceans), coated with a light batter and fried. It was so addictive as a snack itself!

Salad, bacon wrapped oyster, prickled ginger flower, fried chicken karaage, grilled salmon and tamago (sweet egg)! I am no fan of tamago but this was quite an exception!

Snapper and tuna sashimi, raw shrimp, 1/4 of a scallop and kelp! 1 word - Fresh

My favorite fresh and crunchy bamboo shoots infused with dashi broth with bonito flakes! I wished I had more...

Last but not least, we had citron sorbet and a cup of tea! (Not sure if it was hojicha or brown rice tea though.) 

Another cup of tea which I guessed would aid digestion. See the cute baby crawling up....
If I had the chance, I would be back again! 

25 May 2014

Artisan Boulangerie Co - I am a Crust Lover

Back here again at Artisan Boulangerie Co's Great World City outlet with another group of friends! I just love baked crusts, no matter they are from flaky dough or mealy dough.

Although the peach tart was petite in size (to me), the sweetness was well balanced with the tart shell. Too bad the somewhat firm tart shell was a bit underbaked at its base that day (did not really affect the taste). Burnt or caramelized at its surface would be up to you to judge.     

The same old smoked salmon and dill quiche which I had tried the previous time I was here. To be honest, it was not exactly the same as last time. It felt drier, shrank a bit in height and had dropped in standard. Kind of disappointing I would say.

Looking like a solid foundation silo structure, the chicken pie was nicely caramelized, perhaps a bit too dark to some people. I could not wait to destroy a segment of the wall to reveal what laid inside! 

The dough was in between flaky and mealy, containing a mixture of chicken chunks, carrots, peas and creamy sauce! It was a challenge trying to be neat while eating as the compact fillings toppled out slowly. I ended up eating the crust and the piping hot fillings separately.   

24 May 2014

Gelare Waffles - Nothing impressive, really...

Have been wanting to update my blog but was quite busy with work recently! I am working in a small cafe right now (about a week only), doing some 'mise en place' and preparing for the cafe's opening that is scheduled next week. Just a short post before I head off to my dreamland!
I have been wondering why people get so crazy about waffles, especially crispy ones. I have tried a couple of waffles from other cafes which fared much better than the waffles from Gelare. It felt so 'instant' and slightly crispy. I had mine drenched with maple syrup with 2 humps of ice cream that did not impress me.
Maybe I should also compile a list of good waffles found around Singapore??
Dozing off soon......Hopefully, I should be able to post another of my lagged post by the end of this week.

16 May 2014

Pulau Pangkor Malaysia 090514 - 110514

Hi! Finally a breakthrough as I have decided to blog about my short get-away trip to Pulau Pangkor Malaysia (090514 - 110514)! More pictures of my camwhore instead of delicious food this time. I joined my friend and his mum on a 3 days 2 night packaged tour, with 17 other aunties and 2 uncles. Had to take a coach from Singapore and the travelling time was really really torturous since Pulau Pangkor is located close to Ipoh.

The sun was already quite scotching as we made our way to the jetty!

The view of the jetty to Pulau Pangkor! 

Another selfie with my friend! Basically we took turns taking selfies with my camera throughout the trip in order to entertain ourselves. My hair was freshly dyed only a couple of days before this trip! 

After placing our bags, we headed directly towards the deck to enjoy the view (not exactly) but to spam shots! My best shot out of the few that I took. Just for your information, the boat ride was about 40 mins. 

There were quite a few souvenir shops selling clothes and handicrafts. A few restaurants around the corner where you could satisfy your hunger pangs too.    

On the 2nd day, we took a small boat from the shores of Pasir Bogak beach to cruise around, looking at rocks, feeding fishes and enjoying the sea breeze!   

A selfie shot with life jacket on! Why I looked so sleepy??

We alighted along the coast to take the 1 and only group shot out of the entire trip. All so energetic and can't wait to go!

Another selfie before heading on to Lin Je Kong temple. By the way, besides the boat trip, there were other water activities such as band wagon, jetski, banana boat, snorkeling, swing, kayak which we did not go for. 

Captured this cute scene where this little doggy kept following its mum for milk! Really cute baby dog! I also captured another picture of 2 dogs f*ing each other (doggy style) in the middle of the street. Really funny but I refused to post it here.

We visited Eng Seng Pangkor Food Industry and Trading, which is the production place for the popular satay fish snacks!

Everyone going crazy grabbing either snacks or dried fishes.  

Next visit was the Foo Lin Kong temple!

The miniature great wall within the temple. (I am officially getting restless trying to describe the places. Gosh, food please!)

Last but not least, saw that building with only walls of staggering height? That would be the Dutch Fort. Nothing much of a fort left but still can take pictures.

I just loved the designs on the ground that I laid down to take pictures. It does reminds me of crop circle and I am fan of such stuffs.

Not to forget the cannon of the fort! Who sits on a cannon like this?
As for the tiger rock, I did not have the picture (just a rock with a logo cravings). 

By the way, I stayed both nights at Coral Bay Resort. They have a small swimming pool and sauna room which my friend and I camped in there for like 2 hours? I just love having detox in saunas!

Being #typical Singaporean, I ate like 4 sticks of Magnum ice cream throughout the entire trip. Not because I love ice cream but also partly due to the cheaper price too (By half!). Strolling my way to the beach while enjoying ice cream! (Just about 10 mins walk to reach from my hotel.)

Back for more pictures along Bogak beach! Really unfortunate for me as my previous slippers broke and I
had to get a new pair. Bought this new pair for RM 23 and I quite liked the red-black colour combination! 

=p shot

Acting like a American's next top model's contestant. 
Tyra Banks would say : You could have done a booty tooch right there.

One of the many jump shots!

Don't just stand there, pose something?

The panoramic shot of the rocky terrain. 

The panoramic shot from the extreme end of the beach.

These little crabs were the size of a 10 cent coins. The thought of capturing some of them to bring back to Singapore did cross my mind actually. Wouldn't it be nice to keep them as pets?

Finally the end of my short get-away post which I tried to summarize as much as possible. Luckily I did not post about the rest of my holiday trips or else my blog would end up becoming a travel blog. I still LOVE food MORE! 
Click here to view my post on 'A kelong kitchen in Batam'. 

12 May 2014

Swensens - My childhood memories with my family

As I wrote this post, tons of childhood memories with my family flashed across my mind. It was the brand that everyone should be familiar with, 'Swensens' that triggered these nostalgic memories. I loved it back then when I enjoyed almost every food without a thought or a single complain. But not now as comments would naturally start generating and criticisms would be blurted out of my mouth. How I hoped to go back in time again and re-experience the pure innocence of food enjoyment.

I had the topless 5 and I got to pick any 5 flavors of my choice. Despite the inferior quality of the ice cream, I still finished it up, trying hard not to leash out a single complain. Quite a futile attempt I must say, but I still loved the thin mint flavor (since young)!

My mum went for the mundane banana split as usual. The 3 fixed flavors were strawberry, vanilla and chocolate and it was the same price as my topless 5. I actually did not expect the prices at Swensens to be that high since this brand is catered to families.