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20 Jul 2014

Hee Kee (囍記) Desserts at Jurong Point (Giveaway included!)

Being a hardcore dessert lover, I grabbed the chance to attend the food tasting at Hee Kee Desserts, located at Jurong Point. (Nearest Mrt is Boon Lay and not Jurong East.) Hee Kee means ''treasuring happiness'', based on Hong Kong desserts style, offering a wide range of desserts to choose from. 

The vintage style interior design and its 40 seats setting! 

Before I go into details of the 6 signature items, here is a picture of them! I can't wait to share and seriously I think that the presentation wise already owned its competitors flat. Time for taste judgement...

First right up was the Traditional Steamed Milk Pudding served warm. I have to admit that it was my first time eating steamed milk pudding due to the fact that I would usually go for the more fanciful and extravagant looking desserts. Despite the minimalist look, the texture was velvety and the milkiness was an acquired taste. Despite it being my least favorite that day, the ladies were all complementing it and enjoying themselves. I guessed this must be a girl's kind of dessert.

Up next would be the Homemade Beancurd with Gula Melaka! Not exactly silky smooth, it was foolproof that the beancurd served here was homemade! The gula melaka syrup was diluted down (light in taste) and not the gooey type of consistency. The intent could be to impart the gula melaka flavor as well as still be easily mixed with the beancurd.   

Enjoying my bowl of homemade beancurd with gula melaka! Luckily I added less syrup for this one as I did not want to get a sugar rush so early! 4 more desserts to try though... 

The intensity raised as the tasting continued because the desserts were getting interesting! Suited to Singapore's hot weather, the Whole Coconut with Coconut Ice Cream and peanut crush was a hit among us! Who could resist such a dessert? I could already imagine myself having this dessert on the beach! Thumbs up for the effort of craving out the chunky flesh so that I could enjoy myself thoroughly without personally exerting any effort. Not to forget the glass of coconut juice I had that was given with this dessert!  

The Mango Cheong Fan was something that sounds questionable at first. Erase all thoughts of the savoury version you once knew because this silky-smooth sweet coconut infused skin could be an incoming dessert trend! Nicely wrapped like a parcel of a perfect gift and encasing a huge juicy chunk of mango within. This was one really slippery dessert of a kind. 

Saving the durian related desserts for the last, this D24 Durian Sauce with Sago proved to be too filling to non-durian lovers. I felt like I was drinking a 'Cream of durian' soup-of-the-day with the sago as well as the durian pulp adding textural contrast to the overall creaminess.  

Last but not least, the Durian Pancakes wrapped nicely in bright yellow fragile-thin skin. Filled with a mixture of cream and durian flesh, I stuffed half a piece at a time into my mouth, enjoying the intense burst of durian!
Now you guys know that I am a durian lover and I do not want to share this dessert!  

Right now I have 6 x of $5 Gift Vouchers by Hee Kee to give away!
Self collection location will be at Ang Mo Kio MRT station if you don't mind.
I will randomly pick 5 winners on the 19th of Aug to win 2 x of $5 Gift Vouchers.
All you have to do is to share this post on Facebook, follow me on instagram  
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(Vouchers expire by the end of this year, and I will follow back if you are a foodie too!)
(Note: I won't post your comment up.)

Not to forget, all readers who quote 'Alvin' will get a 10% discount at Hee Kee Desserts from
19 July to 19 August!

''In addition, Hee Kee will also be running an Instagram contest from 19 July to 19 August, where there’s up to S$60 worth of Hee Kee vouchers to be won! All participants have to do is snap a picture and Instagram their dessert at Hee Kee, follow Hee Kee Desserts on Instagram, tell us what’s so great about the dessert they’re having and hash tag #heekeedesserts. Winners will be picked at random.''

Thank you, Hee Kee Desserts and Platform for the invite.
Winners of $10 Hee Kee Vouchers by me: elynchan1010, yongxian89 and greddy_sg10
1 Jurong West Central 2,
JP2, #03-54/55,
Jurong Point, S(648886)

17 Jul 2014

Virgin Trip to Palua Ubin - Photolog

Not being lazy here but typing a lengthy post about lifestyle like this (quite recent) trip to Palua Ubin is definitely not my forte. Especially since hardly any food is involved here...
Let this post be a photolog posts then...Enjoy viewing these pictures of me, my army buddies as well as the greens and the naturally beautiful scenery of Palua Ubin!

We ordered a couple of dishes to share and it was really disappointing. The only decent dish of fried baby squids which tasted so much like the popular satay fish snacks.

-The End-

16 Jul 2014

Korean Corn Cane Ice Cream - Rare chance to try in Singapore

There was a temporary Korean Food Fest last week and by the time you have seen this post, I guess this 'rare' dessert would already be gone from Takashimaya. For someone who have not been to Korea before, I found this yellow wrinkled cane looking thing rather alien. After Kepo-ing (busybody-ing) around a bit, I found out that it was the corn cane ice cream that was imported from Korea, costing $3.50 each. 

I even went to video how she 'squeeze' the vanilla soft serve ice cream in these hollow centred corn canes.
Check out the video on my instagram account here!

Gosh! I just had buffet at Marriott Cafe less than a hour ago and I am eating this! Already ultra full and this corn cane did not show my stomach any mercy at all. While girls go crazy over K-pop bands, I got influenced by Meok-Band Trend, which is the latest online craze among South Koreans. It involves watching a gorgeous woman eat giant servings of food!
''Combine the elements of competitive food eating, voyeurism and online porn and you turn the banal act of eating into marathon livestreamed video that has become a growing trend out of South Korea.''
Nah, not into that extend yet since I only had pictures of myself enjoying my food...

Being a bit of an asshole here, I saw a couple of girls seriously enjoying themselves feeding on this yellow sticks. Guys eating this would naturally feel much more awkward. I told my friend to give his girlfriend a cane and he would be able to tell if she were good at SEX. (One of the criteria) 
Frankly, the corn cane was only slightly crisp, close to tasteless and containing fairly little soft serve. Don't judge the internal containment by its overall size!   

*Update* - There is an outlet at Vivocity basement 2 selling these for the same price too!

12 Jul 2014

Marriott Cafe Lunch Buffet - 1 for 1 with the Entertainer

Back to my buffet hopping days when I had another buffet session right the week after a previous buffet.
No choice, the Entertainer 1 for 1 was really too irresistible. Anyway, the application only have 2 buffet places - At Lime Restaurant (Parkroyal on Pickering) and the other is Marriott Cafe! The 1 for 1 applies to lunch, high tea as well as dinner buffet!

This time I had lunch with my friend who was super bad with his photography skills. Gosh, he had to retake my picture like 10 times before 1 decent one came out. Not again! I was once again too engrossed in taking pictures of all the appetizing food that I neglected taking a decent shot of the layout/interior! The place have been renovated, from a dim to a bright dining environment. No wonder it looked so different from the last time I came for its dinner buffet which was a few years back.

The usual starter for me and my friend would be the salmon sashimi, smoked salmon, szechuan salmon and the other salmon. Careful of high sodium content! There were the usual cold cuts, salad station, some cheese and a variety of bread which I did not take, fearing that they would take up too much stomach space. 

My #Fotd (food of the day, not exactly) shot which my friend took. 1 out of 10 shots passable...I supposed.

Just random pieces of different food for tasting purpose. If the food is to my liking, I would definitely go back for second and even third round. The usual laksa and a pasta station was available too.

Besides a selection of soup to choose from, there were also a couple of Korean dishes too! Bibimbap available too! Any Korean food fans around?!? 

For beef lovers like me, go for the medium rare slices of beef! I had 3 slices and I just love the tender chewy meat with blood tainted juices seeping out. Don't go 'eeewww' on me...

The ice cream tasted inferior, like those from an ice cream cart along the roadside. Skip them if you do not want too much trans fat in your diet. 

I tried the whole selection of cakes available, but only posting the little red velvet cupcake just because it looked the prettiest. There were 6 cakes that came in rectangular log form, for self-cutting and looking like a pile of mess when you placed them onto your plate. 

The Entertainer application which I redeemed for the 1 for 1! Like a half price only after dividing by 2 with my friend!

Not to forget the selfie shot after the lunch buffet! I guess I should go for a jog soon! 

10 Jul 2014

Parkroyal on Pickering - Lime Restaurant Dinner Buffet

Thanks to the Entertainer application, I get to enjoy the 1 for 1 voucher! 
Check out my previous post link for more information on the Entertainer!

A large wooden table packed with a huge variety of sweet treats is really a seductive way to welcome people into a buffet. Provided that you do not enter by the back door which my friend and I did...
I purposely did not zoom into the picture, just to leave you to guess what sort of dessert they were.

The interior was a blend of modern metallic and rustic woodenness, rather dim and lit up mainly by spotlights. The place was so spacious and the buffet spread was nicely spread out.  

I had a beautiful night view of the streets out there while my friend get to 'ogle' at a group of aunties (tais tais) in their seventies, celebrating an occasion.    

Nowadays I seldom want to blog about buffets since the dishes often rotate. (I have a buffet label at my blog's side bar though.) I will just throw in some food pictures to satisfy your cyber hunger! A international buffet with seafood, bread, cheese, Japanese, Western and Peranakan.

The place was so dim that I had to place my plate right beside the table light to capture a clear shot.

Some of the Peranakan style food which tasted really yummy! Laksa, kueh pie tee, rojak and more...

While people love to take #ootd (outfit of the day), I would prefer to take #fotd (food of the day).

Sashimi indulgence! A must have for me at every buffet!

A peek at the some of the desserts available! I basically tried every dessert and the key lime tart was my top favorite, followed by the durian pengat and the strawberry ice cream! (Forgot to try the nonya kuehs...) 

How can I not resist to take a picture with this grandeur towering green tea fondue! 

Ending the post with 2 more selfies! The pathway with really comfortable seating  facing the outdoor!

Artificial leafy greens along the walls! Stay tune for the update of my lunch buffet at Marriott Cafe, also using the Entertainer 1 for 1 application!