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20 May 2018

Weekends Getaway to Kuala Lumpur (Royale Chulan The Curve)

Kuala Lumpur Royale Chulan The Curve

It was meant to be a short getaway and I rushed over to the airport after taking half day leave that Friday. The air ticket to Kuala Lumpur International Airport was almost twice the usual price since it was a few days before Malaysia's election day.

I met up with my friends in Royale Chulan The Curve, the place where I would be staying for 2 nights. Due to the horrible traffic jam, it took about one and the half hours to reach my destination. 
I should have taken to KL Central via train and alighted at SBK08 - MRT Mutiara Damansara. It would probably be much faster and cheaper too.

This was more of a eat, sleep, chill on bed weekends trip. Did not snap much pictures at all since I was in my ''nua'' mode. I even forgotten to taken pictures of the room itself. Breakfast was provided and we settled our meals in a German and Vietnamese restaurant, as well as occasional snacks we could grab.

Besides The Curve Shopping Centre of few storeys high, an underpass of food outlets that links to IKEA, I did not explore much. I probably only grabbed a few bars of Valrhona chocolate, hair dye and other random stuff which I thought was priced better as compared to Singapore.

Definitely a good place to eat, sleep and chill, provided that you are familiar with the place. I should perhaps learn Malay since I kept having people speaking to me in the language I could not understand. More short weekends getaways and staycations in future!

Kuala Lumpur Royale Chulan The Curve

Kuala Lumpur The Curve Shopping Mall

Kuala Lumpur Ikea

Kuala Lumpur Ikea

11 May 2018

Mahota Healthy Cooking Workshop With Joseph Schooling's Mum

I had the privilege to attend a Healthy Cooking Workshop held at Mahota with May Schooling (mum of Singapore's swim champion Joseph Schooling), sharing her experience of how to prepare quick and healthy meals to refuel and recharge her son before his swim.

After her demo on a quick cheesy sandwich, it was Chef Benson's turn to prepare a healthy plant-powered smoothie which acts as a substitute for milo. It was a recipe created for his lactose intolerance son. However, the taste was not exactly like milo but still it tasted not that bad.

Next was sampling a version of Chef Benson's healthy nasi lemak and watching how he mixed the spirulina protein bar. There was also a little hands on session for us with all the ingredients prepared. I started mixing everything with the glove provided, at the same time creating a little mess. With dates as its base, the spirulina protein bar was quite sweet though.

It was a fun workshop and I got to explore the beautiful interior of Mahota. Great place to wind up and chill or even shop around its retail segment for groceries!

Hosted by DBS, road to REGATTA 2018. 

3 May 2018

"Giselle" Ballet Performance at Esplanade Theatre

Probably one of my most unusual night's out with my friends as we spent our 2 hours in Esplanade theatre watching a ballet performance titled "Giselle". It was my first time and never in my life I would expect myself sitting in theatre watching a ballet performance. 

"Giselle" is a ballet performance in 2 acts, featuring choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, as it remains one of the well loved classics in the company's history. With the hint of romance and betrayal, I had to decipher the entire storyline based on the performers acting and facial expression since no dialogue were involved at all. I guess it would be normal for my friends and I to sort of got ''lost'' midway yet roughly understood the storyline in the end.

Anyway it was great to see interesting medieval style props as well as beautiful costumes worn by the performers/actors, maybe the term ballerinas would perhaps be more accurate. I also noticed each jump, hop or whatever movements were in sync with the background classical music as well. By watching them performed on their toes, it definitely looks tiring and requires plenty of practise.

Still, that night was an eye-opener for me even though ballet just isn't everyone's cup of tea. At least I get to experience watching such a unique performance.