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9 Jan 2013

the connoisseur concerto

I wanted the special theme change in my blog for the new year of 2013. However,
I have yet to consume and acquire the related theme food! Keep guessing what
it would be while I carry on to blog about the connoisseur concerto (tcc) 's desserts.
Definitely not my first time dining there but it was my first time trying out its Devil-misu.
Pretty obvious it was from the word tiramisu though. When it was served, I see cream
overflowing and a tiny stream gliding its way down the large cup. The biscuit topping
was rather tasteless and I wiped it out fast without much thought. Foamy cream was
rich and went well with the irregularly-distributed alcohol infused sponge. Mingled
within the white pool were about 7 alcohol soaked berries that were too unbearable
for me to consume. Pardon the wastage because I only stopped at 1. Alcohol fans,
go ahead and enjoy!   

My friend decided to try the Puffy Triplets. They were just 3 mini profiteroles with chocolate ice cream
sandwiched in-between. I found the profiterole horrible as it was a combination of rocky and chewy at the
same time (try imagining the mouth feel). The bed of almond-espresso financier was nothing to rave about too.