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5 May 2013

Ladyfingers and Tiramisu!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to prepare some tiramisu since my brother have a lovely bottle of Cafe
Boheme standing stagnant in the refrigerator. Cafe Beheme is actually a coffee flavored alcohol which
make a perfect refresher after
 adding a couple of ice cubes. I bet coffee and alcohol lovers would want to
try it! Anyway, I baked some lady
fingers sponge first from the recipe below:

4 egg whites
78g caster sugar (A)
15g caster sugar (B)
3 egg yolks
60g cake flour

1) Egg whites and sugar (A) for meringue (Whisk till glossy and firm peak)

2) Egg yolk and sugar (B) (Well blend)
3) Fold egg yolk mixture into meringue (Gently)
4) Fold in cake flour (Gently)
5) Pipe into fingers and bake at about 180 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes  

As for the tiramisu, I used 750g of mascarpone cheese which was a bit too much
(I think 500g would do fine in future). I mixed coffee powder with the Cafe Boheme
alcohol to increase the coffee flavor and then dipped the ladyfingers into the mixture.
Lay the ladyfingers in any container/bowl, spread a layer of 
Cafe Boheme infused
mascarpone on top and sieve an even coating of cocoa powder. (I repeated the
process twice for more layers.) The above was about 8 servings size, so chill it and

enjoy! I also want to thank my friends for the positive feedback!! 

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