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31 Oct 2013

AmaSoy - So Smooth

If it wasn't for the buy 1 get the plain free promotion at Tampines, I don't think I would spend my $2 on a
petite soy pudding. Since there was matcha flavor, I picked that flavor without thinking twice (my love for
matcha!). I dug my spoon into the extremely smooth textured pudding and ate pretty big mouthful at a time.
I was a little rush for time that day and I actually finished those 2 little bowls in less than a minute. I could
barely taste the matcha as it was pretty faint and the pudding seems uneven (but still really smooth).  

I just loved the texture very much! So smooth without any strong beany taste.

27 Oct 2013

Sushi Express - Ocean Eel

It was my second time visiting Sushi Express and this time I was with my mum. The reason to dine
at Sushi Express was not because of the Ocean Eel poster which was limited to only a plate per pax.
I experienced the same pissed off moment as my 1st visit, mainly because those lousy and unpopular
sushi were rotating endlessly around the belt.

Finally after more than an hour wait, the ocean eel sushi made its appearance! My mum and I grabbed one
each and it looked totally different from the one shown in the poster. Really yummy and definitely more
worthwhile as compared to the rest of the sushi.

20 Oct 2013

New Zealand Natural - Indulge after failing IPPT

Omg! It sucks to fail my IPPT again! My IPPT window closed and I had to attend 20 sessions
of RT (remedial training). Seriously where to find time for such nonsense when I am already
busy enough with school and internship in a F&B industry (6 days work week). Had to eat a
scoop of kiwi ice cream after failing my bloody IPPT that day. The puny scoop of hard-to-melt
ice cream hardly had any kiwi taste, and I felt like I was eating vanilla ice cream with tiny bits of
dried sour kiwi. Totally did not help to appease my disappointment at all.

17 Oct 2013

Coffee Club - Chillax with drinks

Finally managed to squeeze out some time to update my blog! So really busy with school as my term 4 is
coming to an end before the final term 5! Just could not wait to graduate... Anyway, after our Tonkotsu

King Four Seasons' meal, my friends and I went to Holland Village to chill at Coffee Club since it was not
too overcrowding as compared to the other outlets out there. 

I decided to try the honey avocado since I did not want any caffeine intake or I would definitely suffer an
insomnia. I felt the glass a bit small or maybe I drank a little too quickly. A well balanced, rather smooth
and creamy blend of honey and avocado. 

My friend's ice chocolate! I think I would prefer hot chocolate instead.

My other friend's ice latte! It was rather cold that night and we wondered why we all
choose our drinks chilled which resulted in minor shivers.

12 Oct 2013

Tonkotsu King Four Seasons - Our Seasonal Craves

My second visit to Tonkotsu King Four Seasons with my bffs as our seasonal crave kicked in once again.
(My previous visit could be view here.) I actually meant ramen crave and not toilet crave as the picture
was to show the effort of decorating the toilet with miscellaneous Japanese related ornaments. I was
peeing while taking this shot! ...Just joking. 

One of my friend had the Autumn ramen (which I had blogged about in my previous post), while my other
friend went for the Winter ramen after much consideration. Winter was simply plain and basic, just as what
real winter would be like - Staying at home and not going outdoors while a heavy snowstorm is brewing
out there. Being basic has its own benefit as it allows you to appreciate the richness and milkiness 
of the
original broth. Sad for my friend as his egg yolk was cooked beyond runny!

As for me, I decided to try the Spring ramen! The odd looking ball shape cluster was the parmesan
cheese which I had mistaken it for fats at first. Hoping that the combination of basil and parmesan cheese
would enhance the broth and making it more savory did not work well for me as I just could not detect
much difference in taste from my friend's winter bowl (not flavorful enough!). The large slice of lean pork
was totally deprived of fats which I wanted so badly! I ate it up first as I felt that the leanness would
definitely hinder my enjoyment. Besides that, I suspected that the broth was not boiled 
properly upon
noticing that my broth had a couple of partially dissolved pieces of fats floating around. Nevertheless,
I still enjoyed my ramen meal and the free flow of marinated beansprouts!

8 Oct 2013

Clarke Quay Central - Chilling at Coffee Club

The mere mention of the word Clarke Quay send many fond memories flashing back to me. The days when I was still serving my National Service (a year back), my dad used to bring the family over to Clarke Quay to dine. I love going to Clarke Quay Central not only because it houses my restaurants but also the mall itself is bright, vibrant and spacious. Window shopping leisurely in there made me feel so relax and carefree, unlike many other shopping malls which are so cramp and suffocating! Although my family patronize Tung Lok Signatures most frequently, we also did try many of the other food establishments in there! A family of foodies! Anyway, I decided to post about Coffee Club since it was one of my favorite place to chill, and partly due to this being a dessert blog. I went to dig out my Coffee Club pictures that I had neglected to blog about due to my laziness. (The 'Cravecraze' logo was actually my previous blog's name). Enjoy and carry on drooling over these lovely dessert pictures I had selected to post about!     

To me, Clarke Quay would be a perfect chill out place over the weekends. One suitable location would be
the Coffee Club outlet. The bright chic setting as well as the huge variety from the menu attracted me to

chill in there.  

The first dessert that came into my mind when I thought of Coffee Club was their popular Mud Pie. The
nutty one above which came in a massive slab could easily be shared among a group of friends. The gooey
sweetness from the caramel easily gave me a sugar rush while the button-size macadamia nuts provided a
crunch. I really love to sit close to the window to enjoy the partial view of Singapore River as well as to
'spy' on ants size people below.  

Not wanting to have any desserts? You could get a glass of  icy beverage to chill as well.

The menu have a whole range of different desserts to choose from! How about a walk along the Singapore
river after your meal, although I know the water ..erm...just a bit polluted... The night life around Singapore

River is always super happening too!

Boom! Guess which dessert this is? Any ideas?

Don't feel like having any complicated plated desserts? The typical Blueberry Bounce (cheesecake) would
definitely suit you. Cloyingly cheesy with blueberries!

Glorious presentation! I love breaking down/dismantling such plated dessert ; enjoy
the process as it really helped to slow down my eating pace, giving me a break from
all the hustle and bustle of the current stressful lifestyle. Relax, chill, enjoy!

Another example of a dessert that brought out the slowness in me!


3 Oct 2013

MOF - Azuki Beans Frenzy

You may have seen this dessert before in my previous post and it was my mum who ordered it again. This symmetrical presentation reminded me of the 'array' tool (technical term) in my
Rhino 3D 
rendering software and such a style would actually appeal to some people.
Obviously not to me as I prefer artistic and creative designs! I just do not get what's so
fascinating about this typical bowl of soupy red bean paste that was sweetened till it lost its
original taste. The scope of green tea ice cream was equally disappointing as it lacks the
intensity. (Intensity is one of the major requirement I look for in desserts, especially green
tea related ones.) Nothing could go wrong with those 5 plain chewy dumplings and they made
good accompaniment.  

As for me, I made a rather bad choice and regretted ordering this cup of hot azuki drink. It seriously tasted
like condensed milk and was extremely sweet - diabetic inducing drink. I had to add plenty of water to
readjust its sweetness to my comfortable level and the thought of abandoning this drink came across my
mind. (I changed my mind as I did not want to waste my $$!) So much for a chill out session.