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31 Dec 2014

Celebrating Christmas 2014 at Carlton Hotel Café Mosaic!

In just less than an hour time, it would be a brand new year. Year 2015! New year, new resolution as well! Avoiding buffets has always been in my resolution list for the past few years and it had never succeed. Not even close since I had buffets countless times within a single year. This time, I dared not add that statement to the list.
Anyway, it is a #throwback post of what I ate this Christmas with my family! Christmas itself acts as a yearly family gathering as well as to indulge in a feast. I know that festive seasons are when buffets would take the advantage to hike up their prices, at the same time adding on a couple of delicacies such as the turkey, minced meat pies, panettone and stolen. We still went for Carlton Hotel's buffet, in the name of the meaning 'gathering'. Buffet selections usually changes from time to time, therefore nowadays I seldom touch on them. I still have a huge list of buffets which I have visited on the side link of my blog though.

Christmas always comes with gingerbread, like they were meant to be a package. Never did I expect to see a really huge gingerbread house covered in icing (as snow) and decorated with colourful m&ms.

Not surprised at all to find a fat looking turkey under the spotlight (heating lamp) too. It definitely was tender and juicy!

On and off while I ate, I took a couple of eating selfies just for fun. Chilling a bit with supposing a bowl of caeser salad. Not quite my liking since the common bowl used for self making salad was already polluted by all sorts of different salad dressing done before me. It just  tasted aaaarrggg... Many buffets also has this salad station with the same problem too.
After consuming a considerable amount of food, walking around to snap selfies with the gingerbread showpieces would give my stomach a chance to relax a little. 
Another shot!

Decided to zoom in a bit into the little santas!
Cute little bear goes out to play!
 What is Christmas without logcakes? This log was sinfully rich and chocolaty that made me really addicted to it. A couple of other desserts such as a konnyaku jelly, mango pudding and some other mousse cakes were also transformed into logs as well. However, nothing could beat this one!
 The red velvet with cream cheese frosting was another favourite of mine. Not too sweet...

Another whole chocolate cake! I felt that having the whole cake out on the buffet spread felt more 'sincere' to us paying costumers since we paid a higher price during the festive period. Those petite blocks were just not for me.

Just spamming on every single desserts available. The durian pengat was really popular that day but too much flesh for my liking.
The tea selection were sadly from Lipton, which I considered an inferior quality brand. I could have drank a few cups if it were from TWG!

After a long non-stop feasting cum selfie session, our dinner finally ended with us having a bloated stomach. A mandatory shot with the yearly setup Christmas tree as backdrop!
Hoping that year 2015 would be a better one for all of us! 

25 Dec 2014

Rabbit Owl Depot - A cosy cafe for the 'studious' like me

I decided to head down to National Library beside ; just across the road in search of an ice cream café which opened its doors a couple of months back. Upon entering, my friend and I settled down at the best chilling cozy corner against the wall and lazed a bit before ordering. I noticed that the price of the ice cream was slightly more expensive than the usual, maybe due to it being handcrafted.
My friend and I both took the high tea set which was more value for money since each set includes a pot of tea, a scope of ice cream and a choice of either their snowflake waffles or their tarts.
We wanted to try both and we took one of each. Trying to split the tart was a horrible decision because the liquid chocolate ganache flowed out like no one's business, making me looked greedy with the plate coated with chocolate sauce. The tart was quite nice and I could guess their supplier because I have tried it before. The ice cream was served the right serving temperature and best of all, it did not melt abruptly fast like some other outlets that served lower grade ice cream *cough cough*. (Don't need to gobble down like some hungry ghost.) The rum and raisin had a decent level of alcohol and quite well balanced too. 

Both of us should have just stick to their popular snow flake waffles instead, since we just couldn't get enough of it. Don't expect a crispy waffle since Belgium ones are usually denser (less airy). Couldn't remember the ice cream flavour but I think it was hazelnut which tasted rather decent, rich and best of all not overly sweet. I am all in for rich, quality and less sweet ice cream these days!

Just another angle because the scope looked much bigger here as compared to the picture above...
Anyway, you could see the National Library right across the road. The place is decorated with cutesy stuff relating to both the rabbit and owl theme. Even their customized chairs mimicking the rabbit (metallic pipe ears) and owl stumps with a super small surface area to sit on. Definitely not for big asses to sit. My advice would be to choose the more comfortable sofa seats to 'nua' on if you were to stay an extended period of time there. I could not help but to disturb these 2 sleepy looking owls in their hideout.   

Mandatory chilling selfie shot with the table as the focus =.= .

Another clearer shot that I posted on my instagram @dessertingbeauty !

19 Dec 2014

Pie Face - Pies!!!

It felt like a small outlet/food kiosk the moment I entered with my friend. The darkened interior was a bit gloomy and I was not quite keen on whatever they were selling. Despite my tummy growling for lunch, I still insisted to try these pies after doing a quick search of this well proclaimed Australian pies. Pies could be appetisers right?
I was quite surprised that they have a large seating area and the place somehow instilled a dungeon feel (or only I felt that way?). Here is a selfie against the pie face wallpaper.  

These pies were just mediocre and each faces actually contained different fillings. Too bad they were served room temperature (already cold) and not even heated up. Perhaps we were just wanting to move on for lunch and chilling in here was not an option.  

6 Dec 2014

Les Patisseries - Another cafe below the block

Despite being located around Toa Payoh Central district, my friends and I took quite some time searching before we found Les Patisseries. The place was slightly dim with warm red hues emitting from the walls. It was an odd feeling as it was not towards the comfy nor homely feel. The plus point was that we could take a peep at what was baking in the open concept kitchen. Quite a spacious kitchen I would say.

We ordered a couple of dishes to share since we already had our dinner that day. I guess the waffle would usually be the one that would catch any cafe hoppers'/waffle lovers'/cafe trend followers' attention. I was quite disappointed with the croissant and au chocolat because they were 'unfresh' and was not crisp. 

The tiramisu was not too bad, strayed away from the usual blocks or any form of containment. Creamy, soothing and balanced alcohol (or flavor), being soaked evenly is what I usually seek in tiramisu. I just hoped the size would not be so petite.

The holicks waffle with 2 scopes of holicks ice cream was wiped out rather quickly after it being placed on the table and underwent a few photoshoots. Not excellent but decent, it was plated with berries, sprinkled with sliced almond flakes and further sweetened with condense milk to bring out the malty taste. The slightly crisp waffle is suitable for those who want to slice through their waffle effortlessly. 

A group shot to end the day with tons of catching up and laughter which we filled the cafe with.