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28 Apr 2015

Buffets with Yakitori in Singapore - Sumire Yakitori House, Shin Minori and En Japanese Dining

Any yakitori fans around here? If yes, you would love to read on since the post will be a personal review on 3 yakitori buffets found in Singapore that I have personally been to! I tank all the calories so that I could review these! (I did not put on a single kg anyway.)

Let me roughly share my experience!

Sumire Yakitori House

Price: $34.90 ++
Location: Icon Village
Meal of the day: Dinner
Variety: Middle range

The complimentary starter of cabbage given at the start of the meal tasted horrible to my friend and I. It was said to act as a 'cleanser' during our yakitori meal. Mainly easy-to-eat snacks such as this gyoza which was one of my favourite dish that day.

Their yakitoris were quite decent and refined, such as this bacon wrapped golden mushrooms. The only complaint I had was that they were too generous with their sweet sauce, resulting in overly sweet yakitoris that day. They were also not stingy with salt since their scallops were also slightly unbearable or I would have ordered more.

I was quite delighted to spot desserts in the Ipad menu! I had this soft mini taiyaki (waffle fish filled with red beans paste) as well as 5 scopes of ice cream! 

En Japanese Dining and Bar

Price: $38.90 ++
Location: Icon Village
Meal of the day: Dinner
No. of visits: 2
Variety: Limited range

One of the higher quality buffet around to make up for its limited range from its menu. I have been to this buffet twice, once in early 2012 and the other time was near the end of 2013. So far, I doubt there is a change in menu items. 

Sorry sashimi lovers, the sashimi platter is a 1 time serving only. (For 4 pax in this picture)

The menu also features salad and pasta that tasted of decent standard. 

Best pick for me would be the beef which were really juicy and tender, the scallops, salmon and meatballs. Check out these link for more information! (Round 1 and Round 2)

Shin Minori

Price: Lunch  $34.00 ++
          Dinner $37++ (Mon to Thur)
                      $39++ (Fri to Sun)
Location: UE Square
Meal of the day: Lunch and Dinner
No. of visits: 2
Variety: Huge range

The menu really wowed me and I was totally spoilt for choice and I only ordered the same few favourites of mine due to limited stomach space. Sashimi were not the freshest but decent. Swordfish available here, which is my all time favourite!

Too bad the pork belly we had was tough and dry, so my friend and I did not bother trying the rest unless it was stated that the grilled items were their specialty. (Check out my post here!)

Might have more Yakitori Buffets in Singapore next time??

25 Apr 2015

Whips Cupcakes - Petite little ones

Cupcakes are everywhere, overly mundane that I usually turn a blind eye to their presence. I just happened to buy this set of 6 tiny ones at a lower rate from an application. (Normal size ones were also available.) The flavours were limited on that day I went (about lunch time), and I picked all the chocolate base ones since I am a chocoholic. The sponge sure was rich, moist and towards the denser side. 

My favourite was the Valrhona chocolate (the plainest looking one with just a chocolate top) since it was so chocolaty with really slight bitterness. The one I was holding? It was most irritating since nuts just love getting stuck in between my teeth. Not fantastic but sufficient as my high tea snacks! 

22 Apr 2015

Milk and Honey - Artisan Yogurt and Dessert Bar

Typical of me, large serving portions would usually tempt me more than pathetic serving size. Milk and Honey would be one of those which I felt would be worth the while and could satisfy a glutton like me. The Vanilla Raspberry was one of the less fanciful looking parfait as compared to the others. The yogurt based soft serve was rich, creamy and had a prominent sourness that could easily be a like it or hate it thing. For me, it was definitely a like it while I had a friend who tried, mentioned that it was too sour for him to finish. Anyway, components were simple here, meringue, vanilla sauce, raspberry jam, etc.   

Healthy Mix, not exactly since strawberries and mangoes were not available that day. I get to choose 2 substitutes from the very limited list and I ended up with 2 type of jellies. (Too bad their taste clashed). While some people just love to have more components (the more the merrier), I still would prefer the 'plain jane'. Enjoying the natural taste of the yogurt would be sufficient for me.  

Same goes for the Royal Honey, I would smile in delight just by looking at the serving size. Some people find it too filling or might get sick of the taste. I kind of liked that slice of bitter dried orange garnish on top, but not those 'lao hong' (soft) popcorns. Something I would like to highlight would be 2 students were seen hogging 4 seats while a queue was forming outside the outlet at City Square Mall. Luckily I managed to get seats or I sure kpkb.

The series of pictures below is my eating time lapse!

 Finally arrive!

 *Grabbed the spoon* Gonna dig in!

 Sticky honey drizzled all over!

 *Takes a spoonful of soft serve*

YUM! (My 4th visit by the way!)

15 Apr 2015

Glacier Yogurt - Consistency Issues

Consistency could be a huge issue for fussy costomers/eaters like me. I find it rather disappointing when I returned the second time to have my waffle and realising that it wasn't as good as before. Not to mention the third time was even worse than ever. Not particularly pinpointing at this particular outlet but the standard was really off when I see that part timers having problems with the waffle machine during my seconds visit.

The waffle hit the right spot during my first visit. Crispy on the outside, fluffy inside and drenched with dark chocolate sauce! The green tea soft serve was mild in taste, slightly bitter (green tea) and sour (yogurt) at the same time. I just tasted confusion. 

During my second visit with a friend, we shared the waffle with earl grey soft serve and white chocolate sauce. The earl grey was rather light yet refreshing but I felt that the portion was too little. The waffle standard dropped a little that time round. 

For my third visit, I decided to pick the cookies and cream soft serve with blueberry sauce since I have already tried 2 tea flavours. I would rather a messy but large serving of soft serve instead of this neat but pathetic portion. Was I fooled or what I tasted was just chocolate soft serve? The waffle was cakey and wasn't crispy, while the blueberry sauce was disgustingly as thick as my semen. (Raw egg white consistency if you don't get it.) I couldn't even finish half of the waffle and I finished my soft serve in a few mouthful. 

Just a waffle selfie...

Last but not least, I had another go with the fruit type of yogurt softserve this time round. The lychee flavor really went well with the natural sourness of the yogurt! It was pleasant since the waffle that day was supposedly the peak of their standard, as far as their batter could go.    

9 Apr 2015

Orchard Central Food Trail - Green Rabbit Crepe and Salad Gastro Bar, I WANNA (cupcakes), Yi Li Pao Pao Ice

I always thought of town whenever I felt like window shopping. If you don't know me, my window shopping actually meant hunting around and 'shopping' for edible items. I was invited to a food trail, allowing me to taste from 3 (somewhat) new food establishments located at Orchard Central basement.

The healthy trend has been spreading like a wildfire throughout the CBD area for quite some time. Now it's town area too? It really seems that people who wish keep a healthy lifestyle has been on a constant rise, leading to the demand of salad outlets. The first tasting was at Green Rabbit - Crepe and Salad Gastro Bar, B2-06. I tasted 3 bowls of salad since the crepe batter wasn't ready due to manpower shortage. Is that a justifiable reason? A top view shot would be most decent since a close up on each individual bowl would definitely look like a huge mess of different vegetation. What's most attractive about salads before tucking in would usually be the vibrant colours.

Naturally the first thing to do with salads would be to toss and mix them well right after the photography session of course. The 3 salads I tried were 'Mona Laksa' (laksa inspired ingredients and dressing), 'Tom Yummy' (tom yum inspired ingredients and dressing) and Koi Nippon (Japanese style salad). The dressing were really unique and my personal favourite was the tom yum! Strong flavour and spicy level just right for me. 

Next stop is I WANNA, #B2-04. I admit that I am no fan of cupcakes and my blog content could easily prove this point. However, who could resist liking these cute petite bite size delights? I have already seen girls going crazy over such cuties and no surprise the other female bloggers were smiling in delight!

Their signature would be the lychee rose and red velvet! Check out the nicely piped glistening cream on these cupcakes! Despite being petite, there were dense, rich and sufficient to satisfy my sweet tooth! 

I just need a picture with these lovely cupcakes! Evilbeany took this picture for me... too bad he did not capture the lovely Greece painting on the wall behind... O well..
These red velvet cupcakes were ordered by a customer and we bloggers quickly capture a picture of them with this cute pinky sheepy... Meh.. (I wanna eat too!) 

Last but not least was one of my favourite icy dessert! Alright, I love eating all chilled/icy desserts. Yi Li Pao Pao Ice, #B2-05 is the first store out of Taiwan in Singapore, being one of the most popular shaved ice in Shilin Night Market. I tasted most of its flavours and my top favourite was taro and mango! (Yup, that was what I had in my cup) The ice was so delicate and it felt a bit foamy when melting in my mouth. Try different combination or even add your favourite toppings to enhance its appearance/taste.

This was the strawberry which one of the blogger had (forgot who). Yi Li Pao Pao Ice uses real fruits resulting in such pronounced and natural taste (try their mango ice ; mangoes imported from Taiwan and you will understand what I meant.) Check out the heart-shaped spoon imported from Taiwan too!

I just love to enjoy such soothing dessert. Thank you Evilbeany again to help me take these pictures despite the amount of people walking through this path along Orchard Central Basement!

Just love taking fotd (food of the day) pictures with beautiful background!

Simply spend a min. of $30 (max. 3 same-day receipts) at selected Basement 1 and 2 Food & Beverage stores to receive a $5 Far East Organization Mall Voucher. Limited to 1st 200 shoppers only. *Terms & conditions apply*

Thank you Orchard Central and Alvin Lim for the invite!

*Update* How to resist such soothing icy dessert? I went back again with a friend and had the valentine fruit (green mango) and passion fruit combo! The sour combo with the latter being more sour. My friend had the strawberry and passion fruit and he really enjoyed his shaved ice!!! 

6 Apr 2015

Danmi Soft - Korean milky soft serve in Suntec

Roaming around the huge building of the still renovating Suntec City Mall, my friend and I finally found something to chill on! We were slightly excited at first, craving for a soft serve, and hearing that Demi soft originated from Korea. There wasn't any dine in since it was only a kiosk in another outlet - a parasite outlet is what I would call.  

I got myself the manuka honey ($3.90) while my friend had the affogato ($4.90). Basically every flavour was a add-on into the cup of milky-soft soft serve. Eating the soft serve alone would actually be my preferred choice since I would like things original without any fanciful toppings. It might be a bit bland to some people though. I just have to pick the manuka honey because it just sounds more value for money while the affogato had a slight hint of bitterness and was disappointingly watery.

Haiz, no seats so will have to do with taking pictures outside Danmi Soft!