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22 May 2015

7 degrees c gelato - Ice cream around CBD

This was quite some time back when I went hunting for food using a food application on my Ipad mini. I felt greedy that day, somehow wanting to eat many scoops, and the weather was definitely the factor. I was glad that the matcha was somewhat intense, slightly powdery but perfect for a matcha lover like me. Heard that both ice cream and their crispy waffle cone were made in their central kitchen. Too bad the waffle cone started leaking...

Just random selfie...

The second time I tried the rum and raisins since it was another of my favourite flavour. Creamy with a mild taste of rum which I fancy. Just that the raisins felt dry and hard, perhaps not soaked long enough in rum.

20 May 2015

The White Ombre - No spot to dine in

Since I was seated right outside the outlet, under broad daylight, I decided to take a few selfies.
*Opening the cake box*

*Hmmm, is it nice?*

*Let me admire it a little more before digging in*

Black Sesame Carrot Cake? I have not heard of this combination before and unfortunately both are not even close to my favourite. The cake was too crumbly and slightly dry with too little cream for balance. The sesame taste did not really break through and was almost non-existent to me. The only plus point was for the generous amount of raisins, shredded carrots as well as crushed walnuts though.


15 May 2015

Bistro 1855 - Salad Bar by Day, Wine Bistro by Night

             Salad Bar by Day
                              Wine Bistro by Night
An interesting double concept.
Salad bar buffet with more than 50 items to choose from for lunch. Or you could enjoy the buffet with your main course. By nightfall, it is transformed into a wine bar, serving tapas, mains as well as sharing platters, paired perfectly with their 1000+ labels in their wine cellar. What's best would definitely be costumers are allowed to select their choice of wines from the cellar and drinking in at Bistro 1855, at pocket friendly retail pricing.  

Check out their selection of wines available!

Having a large table would mean a privilege for group gatherings. Especially to unwind and relax after a stressful day at work. Hmm that large screen projector would definitely be useful for company's meeting as well as for soccer screenings...
How about a random wefie shot with Samuel before I carry on babbling about the food!?
Rustic Fries made from 100% russet potatoes was a pretty decent appetiser to start the meal with. The accompanying signature 1855 sauce is said to be a combination of sweet, tangy, spicy, smokey and savoury, all at once. Since I am a low spicy tolerance person, I felt that the spiciness being dominant, followed by the lovely smokiness.

The next finger food that would easily compliment well with alcohol would be the 1855 chicken wings! Going through 24 hours of marination before being deep fried to a super crispy exterior while retaining its juices within, I swear I could finish the whole basket of wings easily. 

Not so much of a cheese person, the cheese board served with 4 different types of cheese. As we know the taste of each cheese is unique and it is also an acquired taste. Either you learn to enjoy them or don't bother eating them at all. 

Crispy Pork Belly have always been one of my favourite type of dish. Not to mention Bistro 1855's version has super crispy skin! Not melt in the mouth but still tender meat, layered with that glistering fats, I definitely wanted more.

The Duck Confit that day was kind of disappointing. The duck leg was kind of dry and tough, perhaps too scrawny to begin with. There was also an unusual gamey taste and being cured could be the reason.

My favourite among all would definitely be the Lamb Shank! Slow braised in red wine and much to our delight, extremely tender and fall off the bone easily. I tried hard to detect even the slightest hint of gaminess but to no avail. Give me some bread and I could wipe the plate clean of its gravy! Definitely the highlight of the menu.  
My theory of enjoyment over glamness! I would love to use my hand to pick up the shank and bite the tender flesh off the bone. (Bone for posing purpose in here.) I actually did bite off some small bits from the leftover bone...
Unleashed the carnivore in me!

Not forgetting the 2 performers who entertained us with a couple of lovely songs!

Posing with the 1855 background!!! Like a graffiti wall! Thank you Samuel for letting me use his camera since mine sucks due to dim lighting conditions.
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13 May 2015

Chocolate Origin - What lies inside this cake?

The mere sight of chocolate origin's cake really intrigued me. First question I would naturally ask would be how does the cross section looked like? This perfect looking with a layer of 'matt-choco' finishing glaze made me want to feel its smooth texture by tongue. I finally bought the 6 inch original cake to try.

Finally the revelation - Sponge, mousse, sponge, mousse and covered with a lovely coating of chocolate! The mousse was definitely rich, chocolatey and slightly cloying. I suggest you go with ice cream (like what I did) to reduce the cloying feeling. It was so filling but addictive!

9 May 2015

Les Patisseries - Pick the right choice if not...

It was just another day of laziness when I felt too 'nua' to travel far, yet wanting to chill and enjoy some café atmosphere. The feeling led me back to Les Patisseries, just 3 stations away from my place.
After glancing through the menu several times as well as alternate peeping at the cake display which had a really limited supply of cakes that day, I randomly picked the truffle fries to share with my friend. It was so unlikely of me to order such a deep fried, unhealthy dish. 'Shit, what did I just ordered?', I thought to myself after the plate of greasy fries arrived on my table. The top layer was obviously more crispy than its base, with a slight hint of earthy truffle.
The first thing I noticed when I poked my fork into the cake was the layer of chocolate glaze. Did I see jelly!? Must have been too much gelatine in there and I just find 'jelly' layer on cakes so not appealing. The cake was just so-so and my friend and I got sick of the taste and could not even finish it.

The citrus tart fared much better since its tart shell was not too crumbly nor hard. The tartness of the lemon curd was refreshing and I just hoped that I did not have to share this! We were like snatching to dig into this one.

Sad to say that I was really disappointed with their macaroons. The shells were so inconsistent - 1 was hard like biscuit, 1 was soft like meringue and the other was in between. Different flavours were born on different day I supposed. I am totally not a macaroon fan because they seems overly sweet to me. (Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla) 

Anyway, it wasn't my first time here and I would prefer to have waffles anytime over their pastries. Too bad my friend was not a fan of waffles. Oh well... Check out my previous post here!