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30 Sep 2015

Kris By Mence - Celebrity spokesperson is The Flying Dutchman!

I made my way up Robinson Point feeling slightly anxious as it was my first time attending a beauty related event. I was expecting to see other male bloggers around since Kris By Mence is a pioneer in men's skincare as well as body toning. I was wrong since the rest of the bloggers were females and treatments are also available for them too. 
We got the privilege to tour around the clinic. I was quite impressed by the treatment rooms being so spacious, with the couple room large enough to be able to hold a 20 pax birthday party at least. A large TV screen as well as a glass walled shower cubicle spotted! I went to ask why was there only a shower cubicle for the couples. Do they share? Turned out that many people had asked the similar question before! 

I get to take a picture with Kris By Mence's first celebrity spokesperson whom was the veteran radio DJ The Flying Dutchman.

He has a heart condition that prevented him performing intensive exercises, occasionally involved in a few business ventures and being a co host of One FM's #1 Breakfast Show on 91.3FM. It is nearly impossible for him to exercise the traditional way.

As a celebrity status, the more he would be conscious about going to the gym looking unglam, trying to workout with his big belly, feeling that all eyes were directed to him.  

With help of Kris By Mence's customised management programme, he managed to regain his figure he used to have in his forties. His energy level is up, finally able to have an unobstructed view of his feet since his belly is gone. 

Some weight lost facts he shared:

-Losing a total of 8kg; 5.3kg of fats
-Reducing visceral fat by 20%
-Dropping 2 pant sizes
-Surpassed his ideal weight of 79kg, a goal he has always wanted to achieve since 2013 
-Jawline as well as neck tightened

He even joked that to lose weight, all he did was to SLEEP! (Yeah, during his treatments.)

Just some machines that would be used for the different treatments available. 

Before any treatment, you need to go through a detailed body analysis that determined your overall body composition. Here's how the fat analysing machine's screen looks like. The data was mine I was in the acceptable range! Phew!  

Anyway, check out their webpage for more information or call them for assistance.

23 Sep 2015 - They provide free delivery service!

It wasn't exactly easy nor difficult to locate the venue where held their tasting. I arrived and I felt like I was attending a in-house party instead of a food tasting. is actually a brand new online gourmet cake shop, ISO 22000 as well as halah certified.  
I was in time and the first thing I did after placing my bag opposite miss chocoholic was to rush over to the beautifully set up table before anyone else started grabbing those irresistible petite cakes/tarts.
They even labelled the names of each individual cakes, arranging them artistically as if I were at a hotel buffet's dessert section! There were even mini chicken burgers, quiches as well as risotto which act as fillers in case we were not used to having desserts on an empty stomach.

Mini Sliders


As the 'party' begins, I took one of each cake and tart for tasting, just like what I usually did in a buffet, before deciding to get repetitive ones later on. I started off with the Lime Meringue Tart and it happened to end up as one of my favourite! Beneath the slightly torched velvety meringue and within the super crunchy tart shell was the lime curd. The tartness was perhaps being too extreme to non-sour takers but I embraced that sensation that strike me hard, making me cringed a little.
I went for the Mixed Berry Tart next, and the crunchy shell remained consistent. Natural beetroot juice was said to be the tart's colorant, allowing it to gain a girly personality. I guess I would have squealed in delight if I were a girl, obsessed with the colour pink.
Being a cheese cake lover, it is not surprising that I would love their chilled (not baked) version of it. Spectaculoos Cheesecake had really low gelatin content, looking like they were in a semi dissolved collapsing state due to the warm room temperature. Ignoring that sight, I stuffed one into my mouth. It was so smooth, creamy and it basically melted down my throat. The lovely caramelized taste as well as the little crunch made it far from being mundane.
I had to 'borrow' the picture of Pistachio Raspberry Litchi Cake from Miss Chocoholic since I actually forgot to take a picture of it! I guess I must have been overly excited over these cakes! I took a second piece just to break down the different flavours since I only felt the rush of sourness from the raspberry. All because I popped the whole piece into my mouth. The lychee as well as the extremely mild rose flavour then surfaced and came into the picture.

Lime Meringue Tart

Spectaculoos Cheesecake

Mixed Berry Tart 

Pistachio Raspberry Litchi Cake

That wasn't all, I then proceed on to the chocolaty ones which did not fare as well as those above. The Tiramisu was decent since I must have been too used to having ones with alcohol content. Chocolate Salted Caramel was thankfully not as gooey as it looks since I disliked desserts that could literally glue my teeth together. However, the saltiness overpowered the sweetness for this tasting portion.
I kind of liked the idea of using maltesers as a source of inspiration for the cake. The Malt-Teaser wasn't my favourite since it appeared too dry due to the malt cocoa powder. Kids would surely jump with joy upon hearing the name though.
There was a debate whether if  the Eggless Blackforest Cake contained alcohol. is halah certified and yet Miss Chocoholic and I thought that we had tasted alcohol in it. The truth had unfolded once Chef Evelyn came out to explain to us. (Chef Evelyn was Shatec trained and had 13 years of pastry experience.) The secret ingredient that mind fucked us was actually (..Sorry, I felt that it's a secret ; not convenient to reveal.) ! I was like 'Oh ya! Why didn't I distinguish that taste??' 
Chef Evelyn was really nice to stay on to share some of her knowledge with Miss Chocoholic and I since we were so eager to know more about We constantly bombarded her with questions and she patiently answered them all! 
(The pictures are in tasting portion. They sell whole cakes.)
Do check out their webpage as they provide free delivery service throughout mainland Singapore!

Chocolate Salted Caramel

The Malt-Teaser


Eggless Blackforest Cake

Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart 

Tiramisu Whole

12 Sep 2015

Rainbow Cottage Cafe - A walk behind my block

It was 4pm, not the best time for desserts as dinner time was closing in. I ignored that fact and walked right into the cafe anyway. I was greeted by 2 cheerful staffs, easily defined as part timers.  
I wondered why, in a moment of being indecisive ended up ordering the paddlepop cheesecake as well. How the colours stuck fear in me as if they were venom.
Besides the obnoxious colours (probably to me since most people would love the beauty of rainbow colours), the cheesecake texture was really light and I immediately fell in love with its texture. The lightness was almost like a Japanese style cheesecake, fragile yet maintaining its form well. As I ate from the lighter colour towards the darker tones, I was hoping to be blindfolded. I couldn't help staring at the colours as I carefully, if not fearfully placing portions by portions into my mouth, from time to time as I read my book. In the end I still couldn't bring myself to finish up the blue and purple portion. Was I overly paranoid? I would gladly order a plain, colourless cheesecake if they have. 
Another thing I enjoyed was the base of the cheesecake. That specific thickness was proportional and the taste somehow reminded me of gingerbread. Perhaps because of its dull brown tone, the slightest grainy-soft texture or the taste of it. But yet it could only be my assumption and could not be justified by anyone since I was on a solo hopping (café). Maybe not café hopping but just having a walk behind my neighbourhood.
The waffle came crispy on the outside but a bit dry since the small scoop of ice cream did not provide enough moisture for me. I had a whiff of eggy aroma coming out of the waffle and yet could not confirm with anyone once again. The ice cream was made by the boss's friend as mentioned by the staff, so I considered it artisanal. I tasted 3 flavours and finally decided on salted caramel that contained some nuts. I felt the quality in there, luring me to go back again for their other flavours.     


5 Sep 2015

Tsujiri - A Japanese Dessert Stop in Singapore

Japanese desserts without the Japanese ambience just did not feel right. I am often envious of people staying in Japan. Their desserts are easily found in those really cosy teahouses, beautifully or traditionally furnished that I would refuse to even leave after the tea session. Anyway, I had been to Tsujiri a couple of times, clearly loving their matcha related desserts. Tsujiri Shaved Ice (O-maccha) was so pleasurable to consume. The sweet-bitter matcha soft serve was not only found on top but also in between the shaved ice. The more the components, the more delighted I get since they were different in textures and taste. (From the mushy red bean paste to the plain chewy dumplings to the soft and sweet chestnut.) The Signature Uji - Kintoki was without the matcha soft serve and the chestnut and mainly frozen all over. Loads of super coarse and chunky shaved ice drizzled with sweet matcha syrup.
Despite being a alfresco style location and very minimal indoor seating (like 2 seats only?), the outlet at Clarke Quay was quite modern and I had to grab a cup of Hojicha Ice Blended to chill there while watching time flies. I tried the red bean ice blended too but it was just so disappointingly diluted and I tasted yuzu from it too.
Tsujiri Shaved Ice (O-maccha)    
Signature Uji - Kintoki
Hojicha Ice Blended