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About Me

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my humble blog.

I am a Singaporean male blogger who blogs about arts, inspirations, beauty and of course food as well. The meaning of "beauty" would be rather general for me since most topics I blog about involves beauty. As you can see, mainly from my instagram images, I am a photoshop enthusiast.

I often love to edit and manipulate images, creating fake and twisted art. My source of inspiration varies, from randomness to animes such as One Piece and Naruto. Hoping to find more time to explore photography, so that I could stock up more images to play with.

I enjoy attending events, food tastings, etc and would usually blog about them. It is definitly a great joy to know like minded bloggers/influencers out there who shares similar passion and hobby. I prefer to be known as a hobbist though.   


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