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30 Jun 2013

Menya Koji Ramen Dining at Paragon

Hidden at the basement of Paragon and located right opposite Ding Tai Feng, my
friend and I went to try the Special Cha Cha Ramen since there was a promotion
and it was 50% off that day itself. The sight of a mountain of beansprouts normally
put me off but I still ate everything up, unlike my friend who was busy setting them
aside. The thick salty broth was reaching almost an intolerable level but was toned
down by adding more spices. The cha shu and molten yolk egg were decent and
the entire bowl had nothing to wow about.     

16 Jun 2013

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant - Semi Buffet

Opened at Plaza Sing, I supposed Hifumi would be getting more and more popular with people nowadays,
not because they have really delicious food, (but ....). My friend and I queued for about 20 mins before
being allowed in, and the dinner crowd continued to leave a line outside the outlet throughout our meal. I
had the Pork Katsuni Set which came with miso soup and rice. Simple comfort food of slightly salty onion
and eggs with large chunks of crisp-moist pork cutlet. Despite the pork being a little on the harder and
dryer side, I had no complain since these chunks of pork were really thick! 

On the other hand, my friend's pork set was pathetic looking and its portion was unappetising. He
practically whined the moment his set was placed in front of him, started eating only after staring at it
blankly for a few moments. His pork slices merged pretty well into the egg (well, thin slices), but his meal
doesn't put him down just yet!  

Did I mentioned that the appetisers were free flow after ordering a set? Seriously, it sounded like a mini
buffet with a mini spread and we had to top up for the entitlement of free flow of drinks. Pasta, vegetables,
grilled onion that were sweet, baby potatoes, jellyfish salad and really diluted cheese sauce! My friend and
I actually went for a couple of rounds to further satisfy ourselves. 

Overall, my favourite was clearly the caramelised fried sweet potato and baby tako
(octopus) balls! The fried potatoes made excellent snacks, crunchy, easy to munch
while the tako balls had crisp outer skin, moist in the centre and easily pop into my
mouth. This free flow appetiser concept would made Singaporeans go crazy and
willing to queue in order to spam on the mini buffet!   

14 Jun 2013

Mixed Berry Bar with Sour Apple Sauce - Randomness

Yesterday was my bake for health exam and 19 of us (my class) had to create our own healthy recipe. It
was really challenging and fun at the same time as we could freely express our creativity, exploring into our
own choice of either to create a baked or chilled dessert. My lousy phone camera did not show much
justice to my dessert, not that my dessert looked picture pretty anyway. It was my first time making this
mixed berry bar which I got the recipe from Clean Eating magazine (and I am using it for exam!). I
customised and adjusted the recipe based on nutritional value of an individual serving. Made with whole
wheat flour and rolled oats that has high fibre, it gave the bar a slightly dense and chewy texture. The 
dried apricots and dried wolfberries added a punch of vitamins, minerals as well as
antioxidant. The eggs (mainly egg white), some apple sauce and honey acts as a binder as well as natural
flavouring. Silvered almonds was for added crunch too. Basically like an all-in-one food that is low fat, low
cholesterol and extremely high energy! My applesauce is made by stewing apples with apple cider and a
pinch of cinnamon. I found such a cute little pot to place my sour dip in, and to compliment the
unappetising bite-size bars that is eaten with a toothpick.       

11 Jun 2013

MOF ; My Izakaya - Quick meal

I went dinner with my mum that day and the benefit of dining with parents was always that they would pay.
Anyway, I had another ramen crave and ended up with this bowl of Chashu Spicy Miso Ramen which
turned out to be not spicy at all (this is coming from a non-spicy eater). I felt that the redness of the usual
salty soup was just oil without chili. Everything was not too bad except for the 2 pieces of beef balls which
I felt that they were taken out of the freezer and not thawed properly. Soggy, marshy and the middle felt
raw! Really disgusting, out of place and a bad way to add value to the dish. The molten egg and chashu
 were decent but do not expect the chashu to be the melt-in-the-mouth kind.  

My mum ordered the Chashu Miso Ramen with its usual salty soup base that she kept complaining about.
Everything I described about my ramen would be the same for hers, only that her soup was definitely more
salty than mine! 

After our ramen meal, we shared this bowl of slightly chilled red bean dessert with plain dumplings and a
scope of black sesame ice cream. Although this dessert was on a lower sweetness level stated from the
menu, we still found the dessert too sweet for our liking. Thankfully those plain chewy dumplings helped to
counter the sweetness, making the dessert more tolerable. Being not quite a fan of black sesame ice cream,
I found the black sesame 
taste not intense enough and such flavor normally have less popularity.   

7 Jun 2013

Aji-Ichi Ramen - Affordable and delicious ramen!

That day after my work, I went down to Temasek Polytechnic, intended to collect
my t-shirts which I ordered from a blog shop. There was a last minute cancellation
which pissed me off as I have already reached! I ended up wandering off and being

a road idiot, I ended up getting lost around Tampines. Despite the fact that I lost my
way, I found a hidden gem at a coffeeshop. The first thing that my eyes caught was
the Japanese name of the outlet, followed by pictures of ramen. I was tempted and
ended up having my dinner at an odd timing, before 6. (After checking out, this outlet
is located at Blk 139, Tampines St 11, Fu Chan Coffeeshop) 

While waiting impatiently for my bowl of ramen to arrive, I tried the chawanmushi 
which cost me only $1.90! It was so much cheaper than what I paid in restaurants
for a simple steam egg custard. It was still piping hot as I dug my spoon into the silky
custard and took a nibble. I was amazed by its texture and the melt-in-the-mouth
clear tasting egg custard! I was glad that besides the slices of mushroom on top, the
 custard was plain. I dislike having chunks of chicken or whatever other ingredients
hindering my eggy enjoyment.  

Finally my Pork Chashu Tonkotse Ramen arrived! The first thing I did was to take a large spoonful of soup
to try. It was mild, milky and most importantly, less salty as compared to those usual ramen I ate from
restaurants. (Really suitable for picky semi-health conscious person like me who appreciates less sodium
intake.) They were quite generous with the serving size, especially with that pile of spring onions which
flavored the broth very slightly. With tender but not melt-in-the-mouth slices of pork belly and half a
perfectly molten yolk egg that was less salty too, I really enjoyed my dinner.

Last but not least, the noodles were about the same thickness as instant Maggie
noodles but was more chewy and curly. I wanted to take-away a packet of
ramen for my mum to try but was advised not to by the stall owner as an hour
plus of MRT ride home would affect the quality. Glad to know that there are
still honest and quality-perfection people around!