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14 Jun 2013

Mixed Berry Bar with Sour Apple Sauce - Randomness

Yesterday was my bake for health exam and 19 of us (my class) had to create our own healthy recipe. It
was really challenging and fun at the same time as we could freely express our creativity, exploring into our
own choice of either to create a baked or chilled dessert. My lousy phone camera did not show much
justice to my dessert, not that my dessert looked picture pretty anyway. It was my first time making this
mixed berry bar which I got the recipe from Clean Eating magazine (and I am using it for exam!). I
customised and adjusted the recipe based on nutritional value of an individual serving. Made with whole
wheat flour and rolled oats that has high fibre, it gave the bar a slightly dense and chewy texture. The 
dried apricots and dried wolfberries added a punch of vitamins, minerals as well as
antioxidant. The eggs (mainly egg white), some apple sauce and honey acts as a binder as well as natural
flavouring. Silvered almonds was for added crunch too. Basically like an all-in-one food that is low fat, low
cholesterol and extremely high energy! My applesauce is made by stewing apples with apple cider and a
pinch of cinnamon. I found such a cute little pot to place my sour dip in, and to compliment the
unappetising bite-size bars that is eaten with a toothpick.       

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