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25 Jul 2013

Antoinette Macarons - Round 2

After being quite impressed by the 2 macaron flavors I had tried the first time round, I made up my mind to
be back to try out 2 more of Antoinette's flavors. Personally, I am not really a huge fan of macarons as I
felt that they were getting common, overrated and expensive. Being a sucker for floral related desserts, my
first pick was Violette, which was tainted a pleasant purple! I definitely made a bad move as by the time
I got home, the buttercream was already smudging out like some busted toothpaste. I was quite
disappointed with that piece as both the shell and buttercream taste were so faint and close to flavourless.
The Grand Cru on the other hand was better with its nuttiness that swept through my unprepared palate (it
was supposed to be chocolate), while the dark chocolate ganache was rich, sinful and slightly bitter. I don't
think I could afford such indulgence that often and would not be back anything soon. 

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