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31 Jul 2013

Tonkutsu King Four Seasons - Artificial beauty blossoming

The moment I stepped into Tonkutsu King Four Seasons, I almost went OMG aloud. I was awed and
impressed with the effort involved to furnish the restaurant into so Japanese-like. Artificially beautiful
cherry blossom hanging along the walls, round lanterns, wall paintings as well as the open kitchen concept
made me felt like I was entering a ramen outlet in Japan.

An urge to risk, I ordered the Japanese green tea cola to try as it was a rare beverage
option in Singapore and it was my first time coming across one. Upon reading the label,
realised that the brand was from Tonkutsu King itself. Fizzy and tasting like an
ordinary can of cola, except that the colour was more towards the darker tone of
olive green.

My friend's bowl of 'Autumn' arrived with colour so vibrant that it reminded me of the
season's departing leaves. The bright warning colour was a mix of spices and meat
cuddled into an orb, slowing diffusing its fieriness across the umami broth. A mouthful
of soup was already too much for me to handle and I was thankful that this bowl was
not my choice! Not to forget, there were free flow of hard boiled egg and marinated
beansprouts (just like Ramen Keisuke Tori King) to bring down the heat. 

My 'Summer' arrived shortly after my friend's 'Autumn' and the colour contrast
reassured me that I would not have to sweat over my meal. Unlike Autumn,
Summer's broth was intensified by a lovely load of mushroomy bits which
emitted an unforgettable earthly taste. I felt like I was eating a high class 'bak chor
mee' (minced meat noodles) with springy and relatively medium-hard noodles. As
for the char shu, it was towards the leaner side with minimal fats, posing a slight
challenge for a lazy person like me to chew. On the whole, I would definitely be
back to try out the other seasons! 

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