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15 Aug 2013

Creamier Ice Cream and Waffles - Unlink choice

Omg so busy recently that I have no time to blog! I just came back from a short (3 days)
getaway trip to Batam during the National day holidays and am now flooded with 2
major projects from school. Anyway, let me change to a more chill topic of an ice cream
dessert which I had with my friend. I brought my friend to this outlet which was just
walking distance from his house and he did not even know this place existed! Since my
previous visit I did not have a chance to try their home-made waffles, we decided to
order it with 2 scopes of ice cream! It was rather crowded that day and we had to wait
quite a while before 2 near-perfect round spheres of ice cream, balanced neatly on top 2
squares of in-between-crispy-and-fluffy waffles arrived. Was glad it came in 2 squares as

it saved us the trouble of portioning. I picked the Sea Salt Gula Melaka which had a lovely
palm sugar sweetness, enhanced by the saltiness of sea salt. My perfect combination of
sweet-salty! My friend decided to go for the tropical fruity Mango Passion Sorbet. It
was tangy, deliciously refreshing and it had an obvious fruit puree taste. I felt the mango
was dominant while my friend actually thought the passion fruit was more overpowering.
(Who's right?) The main agreement that we both had in unison was that these 2 scopes
totally do not compliment well with each other, like the opposite polarity of North and South.   

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