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2 Sep 2013

12 Cupcakes - Just another 3 of it

YAY! 3 more cupcakes tried from the variety of 12! Mocha, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry
Chocolate. Typical girls would definitely go crazy over these lovely cupcakes. Although I felt the pinch
over the price, I felt that the ingredients used were of decent to good quality. The flavoured cupcake bases
were of constant denseness and richness and a generous dose of flavour infused cream was piped neatly
on each of them. I was quite thankful that the colours were not too artificially vibrant as compared to other
outlets which could have turn me off easily. Simple designs are usually alright for me as long as quality is there.

Another shot of the trio of cupcakes! Luckily the buttercream did not smudge too
badly yet! 

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