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29 Sep 2013

Maccha House 抹茶館 - If there is such a house, I would want to live in it

Being a hard core Matcha fan myself, needless to say, Maccha House naturally attracted my attention and
automatically registered in my 'must try' list. The name Maccha House made me fantasize a house of
entirely green/brown furnishing, scented with the aroma of matcha, decorated zen style with tons of matcha
food products! Before my imagination could get any wilder, here's a picture of my friend's Matcha and
Vanilla soft serve cone. (He already started licking his bi-coloured tower before I could snap a decent

shot.) Although the matcha taste was intense, the price was a bit unfriendly to his wallet. 

As for me, I decided to try something unique and ended up picking Ice Matcha with brown
sugar syrup. I was quite shocked upon receiving my tall glass with a mess of cream that has

such a horrible texture and looking split. After stirring the cream for a brief moment, I took
a sip and immediately fell in love with my drink! A strong intensity with bitterness not too
unbearable for my taste buds. (My resistance to Matcha's bitterness could be a little high
though.) The brown sugar syrup only helped to sweeten the drink a little and imparting a
bit of malt candy flavor. I tried slowing down my drinking pace but to no avail and in no
time, the glass was empty with me trying to suck every last drop of the drink with my
straw. I would definitely be back for more in future!   

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