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3 May 2014

Domino's Pizza Kicks Off Footy Online Contest!

Hey! All the Football and Domino's Pizza Fans out there! Domino's Pizza once again launched something new and exciting for everybody! I was quite eager to attend since I had a great experience from the
previous Domino's Pizza event.

See the staffs were all so enthusiastic and eager to share about Domino's Pizza Kicks Off Footy Online
Contest! (Picture taken from William)

Check this poster out! The football season is here! More pizza, more football! The staff sure could pose
better than me as I am a seriously bad poser...
Check out the poster below!

Decided to take a selfie with the soccer ball above my head! I am no fan of soccer, but a fan of yummy
pizzas! Duh!
Before the food arrived, lecture first....we viewed a demonstration on the newly launched football game
that you could win great prizes from, such as an Ipad and a 60'' LED HDTV! More details can be found at !

As for the game, log on to to start. Remember to like the page first and it will
direct you to this screen.

Click to start playing this Flash game!

Any pro flappy bird fans out there? This could be your thing! Just click your mouse to control your ball
instead of a retarded birdie. Sounds easy? Not! I am a noob because I tried 3 times and my highest score
still remained at 2! WTH? Tell me there is a glitch.....Sadly no.

Time for my favorite part! I got to try one of the newer pizza addition which was the Ramano Margherita.
It felt so vegetarian since it was sprinkled generously with cherry tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese on
Napolitian Sauce. Just loved the cheesiness!  

Savored the other baked snacks that would be worthy to munch on while watching soccer! Spotted something new?? 

Yes! The NEW Napolitana Baked Meatballs! The compact beef ball was firm and had a slight chewy
texture that made me craved for more! Although the cheese had clumped together, the tangy tomato based
sauce prevented the balls from being too dry. Really addictive!
(Picture taken from William because I was too busy enjoying, and neglecting to take a nice shot of it. )

See all the bloggers (including myself) enjoying ourselves at Domino's Pizza? (Picture taken from William)

Ending the night with a group shot! #typicalbloggers (Picture taken from William)
Thank you The Influencer Network and Domino's Pizza
 for the invite! 

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