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28 Jul 2015

More opinions on Cafe Hopping (Food deals definitely attract my attention!)

Despite blogging for almost 3 years, I still felt that my blog is still lacking of something, something that would stand out from the pool of other food blogs out there. I tried limiting my blog to focus on desserts, partly because I am lazy since I tend to edit every single picture via Photoshop and adding in my own logo at the bottom of every picture. So does a dessert theme blog work? I doubt so since my rate of consuming desserts has been dropping due to being a bit health conscious these days as age is catching up on me. I wouldn't mind sharing my sugar diet with others but sadly, among my network of friends, I am considered the hardcore spender on food itself. Maybe once in a long while... Strangely, most people I know don't usually eat dessert!? Why is that so?
Another reason could be that café hopping is an expensive hobby. In order to survive the high rental rates in Singapore (to break even?) leads to expensive food and there is a need to keep an eye on our spending. I tried café hopping on a solo mode a couple of times, not that I did not manage to get any café kakis to accompany me. There is NOTHING wrong to be alone at times, which many people would find awkward or afraid that others might think they had no friends. I just enjoy my alone time at times. 
Right now, instead of the usual picture + description type of posts I usually did during my early entries when I first started my blog, I felt that there was a need to express myself more since I worked in the food and beverage field before but decided to leave. (More stories other time)

Some pictures of my solo café hopping mode below. (I self timer those selfies.) Every cake / dessert felt so mundane nowadays. Easy to guess the name of those desserts just by looking at the picture at times.
Café: Room for Desserts

Very small café with just 2 tables.

Café: Butter Studio

Bing Bing Ice Cream gallery (United Square outlet)

Bailey flavour

It definitely must be peer pressure from my friends that restrict me from café hopping and spending too much. However, in order to save a bit, I love scanning through those deals that has a % discounts where I don't have to pay the full amount! It is just normal of us to be cheapskate savvy, probably trying to get the best deal out of everything.

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