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11 May 2017

Dessert Story launches Taiwan's famous peanut candy ice cream roll

Dessert Story

I was so thrilled upon hearing that I could once again savour Taiwan's famous peanut candy ice cream roll without the hassle of travelling to Taiwan! The last time I tried and fell in love with this simple yet unique dessert was about 5 years back.

Looking just like a popiah but in dessert form, the staff would start the preparation by shaving from the huge block of caramelised peanut candy which was directly imported from Taiwan. Speaking about authenticity, even the wooden shaving blocks used to shave were from Taiwan!

With the addition of coriander leaves that some people might be skeptical of at first, ended up proving to be an aromatic lifter to the overall flavor and taste. Last but not least to be added would be the 3 scoops of either the refreshing coconut ice cream or the oriental yam ice cream. (S$3.50 for single flavor and S$3.90 for a mixed flavor of coconut and yam) 

Anyway, besides the peanut candy ice cream roll, Dessert Story would also have 2 new offerings available on its menu. The duo ice flavors consisting of mango and coconut or the strawberry and yogurt. Both being finely textured and refreshing, perfect thirst quencher I would say. 

Do check out the video to view how this yummy dessert is prepared! The dessert would only be available till the end of May.

Dessert Story

Dessert Story

Taiwan's famous peanut candy ice cream roll

Mango and coconut duo ice

strawberry yogurt duo ice

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