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29 Nov 2013

Artisan Boulangerie Co. - Bread and Savoury Fix

I wasn't born to be a bread lover, often avoiding bread during breakfast, not until I was attached to the
bakery section of my internship place for 2 months with Lawrance. While learning to make bread, I felt the
distance between me and bread being pulled slightly closer and I learnt to accept and appreciate bread
now. Ryan, who taught us to make bread suggested that we try the kind-of-newly-opened Artisan
Boulangerie Co., which is a bakery led by award winning French baker, Eran Mayer. The products are
made by artisan techniques (from scratch by hand), can be said to be quite uncommon in Singapore. After
work that day, we headed over to Orchard and took a shuttle bus to Great World City.    

The outlet had great lighting for photography which food bloggers like me would look for. After being
amazed by the selections of bread and savoury products available, we spend quite some time on deciding
the suitable lucky dough that would end up in our tummy. Thankfully the pretty staffs were really patient
with us and I must compliment them for their great costumer service too! Ryan picked the Ciabatta, known
literally as the slipper bread, topped with half a capsicum, cucumber slices and a pile of  micro-greens. I
guessed the bright red colour of the bell pepper and those greens were for colour contrast against the dull
white-brown crust of the ciabatta. They act as a crunch as well as a value-adding element to the bread too.
The large piece of flat oblong shape bread had a crisp exterior and a soft doughy, slightly chewy interior.  

My first target would definitely be the quiche as I just love savoury food. Due to limited choices, I ended
up picking the Smoked Salmon & Dill Quiche. I was kind of surprised that my quiche came with salad with
sweet-sour vinaigrette dressing that could cleanse my taste buds. I was thankful that the quiche was only
lightly salted by the few small pieces of smoked salmon visible. It was slightly cheesy inside and I tried to
eat as slow as possible to savour it. (I could have easily eaten 3 pieces of quiche!) The crust was slightly
thick, resulting in the inner layer of the tart being raw (unbaked). I only noticed that halfway through my
meal as this happens when I had too much free time to admire my food in details.  

My other friend had the Tuna Stuffed Focaccia. It was a rustic piece of  'figure of 8' loaf and I guessed he
wanted something filling enough to be his dinner. Although the sesame seeds were sprinkled rather
randomly and unevenly, the perfect golden brown crust was really crispy! The interior was also light and

naturally flavorful, if you understand what I meant. It was sliced in half and stuffed generously with tuna.
This loaf was so photogenic that I had problem choosing the best 'pose'. (Sorry, can't see the tuna filling

from this angle.)  

Both Ryan and Lawrance added on coffee which emitted a lovely aroma. The barista did a great job
creating such an impressive coffee art which I would not bare to destroy if I had a cup too. (I did not order
as I did not want to risk having insomnia that night.) 

Last but not least, we shared the Cafe, Passionfruit and Cassis (black current) Eclairs (From bottom to
top)! 3 lovely stripes of colours on each eclairs depicting the flavor it contained and only the Cafe (coffee)
was easily guessed right. The choux pastry were towards the hard and dry side (more water than milk (if
any) used in the recipe?) and baked into a crisp dark brown hollow case. Our favorite was the Cafe, light
in flavor and not overly sweet. Passionfruit was fruity and tangy, same as the more unique Cassis. Overall,
the ambiance was not bad, great for a chilling out session or a romantic hi tea meal with partner. I was also
thankful that I was dining with patient people as it took me about 15 minutes to finish taking pictures!

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