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25 Nov 2013

Xing Xing Odeh Odeh Tapioca Cake - Handmade kuehs

YAY! I had a weekday off that day and I decided to take a walk around the CBD area in search for
desserts or snacks to munch on while most people were busy at work. I specially went to try the popular
Tian Tian Chicken Rice for lunch before the lunch crowd outbreak and it was really tasty! I noticed a
queue of aunties at this ondeh-ondeh ; tapioca cake outlet and ended up buying a couple of those chewy

Peering through the glass pane, I noticed that only 4 snacks were sold here. The ingredients used were
mainly tapioca, shredded coconut, palm sugar and obviously glutinous rice flour. I spotted the uncle behind
making more of these snacks by hand and I basically bought everything to try! You don't always have to
indulge in cakes and pastries to gain satisfaction as these kuehs were also yummy in their own ways.

My top favorite was the tapioca cake, coated generously with shredded coconut! It was the softest
tapioca cake I have ever eaten and I could barely hold the pieces upright without breaking them. The kueh
kosui was firmer and chewier and had a wonderful aroma and taste of gula melaka (palm sugar). I was
also addicted to this kueh. The odeh odeh / lor mai qi (glutinous rice balls) were like irregular ping pong
balls (not exactly round though) with thin extremely stretchy skin. They were soft but too sticky as they
kept annoyingly sticking to my fingers. The amount of coconut / peanut fillings were so generous that I
found the peanuts too compact, resulting in cluster formation. The worst was the Ubi Kayu which I
stopped after a mere bite. It was like eating into pure tapioca flesh, only mildly sweetened by a thin layer of
sugar on top.

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