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14 Nov 2013

Hifumi - Celebrating a birthday

Meeting out and gathering as a group would happen less occasionally nowadays since
each of us have our own lifestyle and work commitments to concentrate on. The only
thing that would pull us together would be a special occasion such as a birthday or a
public holiday like Christmas which would be approaching real soon! Anyway, we were
still procrastinating on where should we have our dinner that day. I ended up recommending
Hifumi since they have the concept of free flow appetizer when you ordered a main course.

I just love the feel of Jap display... 

I love capturing simple images of minimalist objects such as this unique shape bowl
containing my chawanmushi. I was utterly stunned by its silky smooth texture, although
the bottom half felt kind of powdery.  

Among all the appetizers available, this was our favorite! Glazed with sugary sweetness,
these sweet potato fries were so addictive that we shared a rather huge serving! 

Let me show you guys the 4 main courses which we ordered! Random tossing of unagi, salmon, prawns,
egg, cucumber and roes! Just the colours itself was so attractive!  

Thick but slightly dry pork cutlet embedded among moist and fluffy eggs! My second time having this dish!
My first visit can be found here

Swirly melted cheese fusing with Japanese curry rice! The surface definitely looked like it was torched
(char parts spotted).

Rather spicy curry chicken with vegetables fusion! Something which I would not have ordered...

Happy birthday!!! So many people were staring at us while we took pictures as we were making a hell lot
of noises (laughter) at a cafe. We were having fun among ourselves that those stares were oblivious to us,

Posing with our printed polariod shots! The group shot was a tough one as we tried not to waste any films
or els someone would be angry...

Had many shots but these were the best 3!


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