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18 Nov 2013

My Term 4 Plated Dessert Exam

My Term 4 has passed, and my exam that term was to create a plated dessert with 1 main component and
3 or more sub components. Total time taken was about 10 hours which was split into 2 days. The theme
of my dessert is Fossil! Just a brief about my components below and I tried not to 'advertise' my own 

creation so much...

Banoffee Ice cream (banana + toffee with digestive biscuits for extra crunch) coated with silky chocolate
glaze, giving a gooey texture as the ice cream melted within. 

One of the criteria was to plate 4 plates of similar dessert and here's my picture of 2!

My small choux filling was salted custard cream while my big choux was salted hazelnut ganache.

My osmanthus Jelly which I loved so much! Beautiful yellowish transparency with the flower and petals
encased within. Those mint leaves gave extra minty flavor as well as colour! 

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