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7 Dec 2013

En Jap Grill and Bar Skewer Buffet - Grilled delicacies

To celebrate my Mum's birthday, I suggested treating her to a buffet. Despite being out of the way, I
picked En Jap Grill and Bar as the venue, which was located at UE Square. The place had a relaxing vibe
and the restaurant was conducive and easy for conversation. Picking a buffet meal to celebrate my mum's
birthday was quite a horrible choice as she hardly eat much! (My brother and I felt that we were wasting
our money...) It was my second visit and having the skewer buffet here, which made me experienced
enough to know what to order in plentiful or in minimum. Click here to read about my first visit!

The platter of fresh sashimi, average thickness, for 4 of us. (One time order only) There were no fishy smell
at all and I hoped I could have free flow of them!   

Salad with thinly sliced pork! I hoped they were more generous with the pork slices as we did not want to
order another serving of salad just for it.

Basically all the skewers were grilled on the spot and could be seen through the glass panel that
separates the diners and the cooks. I felt that the open concept kitchen definitely made the cooks more
stress! There were hits and misses and the quality were not exactly consistent. Our favourites were
obviously the grilled beef (not shown here), scallops and salmon skewers as they were simply delicious
with natural juices emitting from them.   

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