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16 Dec 2013

Maccha House 抹茶館 - Back to the House

After my first round of 'house visit' to Maccha House 抹茶館 with my friend, I went
back again for some drinks to chill with mum! I just ordered an ordinary glass of matcha
with a really tiny scoop of green tea ice cream. I kept hoping the staff would be more
generous with the ice cream though. The drink itself was nothing special, only to satisfy
my craving for ice cold bitter matcha! 

My mum wanted something with azuki red beans and I got for her this drink. The first thing
she commented was why the cream looked like that?? (Looking split and ugly) Click the 'first
round' link above to have a clearer view of the cream. The drink was topped with 2 plain
chewy Japanese dumplings and a pile of sweet azuki beans that definitely did not impress
her, not one bit. My mum did not really enjoy her drink as she felt that it was too bitter and
not sweet enough for her liking. Furthermore, she was no fan of matcha products. This
shows that non-matcha fans would have a high chance of not liking this outlet due to the

bitter intensity.

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