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8 Feb 2015

Something New, Something Golden found at Domino's

Domino's once again launches something new, something golden
 right before this coming Chinese New Year!

Not 1 but 4 exciting new baked Golden Chicken that comes with different sauce and toppings!

No pizzas, rings or drumlets picture in this post since these Golden Chicken are snatching the limelight for now! (You can check out my older posts for their pizzas here and here if you want.)

Golden Italiano Chicken

Golden Mediterranean Chicken

 Golden Mexican Chicken

Golden Outback Chicken

When these Golden Chicken arrived on our table, all of us could not wait to try all 4 Golden Chicken! (Not without taking pictures first of course.)

''Which is which?''
''This one taste really good!''
''This one quite spicy!''
''I also find this too spicy.''
''I don't know which one I am eating but it taste so good!''
''It is quite convenient to eat these.''

Mainly positive feedback started flowing, like the chocolate molten lava cake that Domino's have.

Anyway, the base may look a bit charred and hard because of the cheese. I guess the base was meant to gather the bite-size 'chicken balls' together.  

Right now Domino's is running the GOLD RUSH PROMOTION!!!
Key in these discount codes for these benefits!! (Valid till 8th March!)

BLG224A – Free Golden Chicken with Regular pizza purchase

BLG224B – Free Golden Chicken with Large pizza purchase

BLG224C - Free Golden Chicken with Xtra Large pizza purchase

BLG224D - $5.00 for Golden Chicken

Not only that, check out this link on how to win attractive prizes when you purchase from Domino's!

After eating is always the 'let's-take-a-wefie' time! 

Another shot! That sign is rather off...LOL

Picture Credit : The Influencer Network
Thank you The Influencer Network and Domino's for hosting us.

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