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15 Jan 2014

Bear Paw Cafe (Johor Bahru City Square) - Cute and yummy bear paws!

I was enjoying my 2 weeks long holiday break and that was when I decided to explore Johor Bahru for
more as well as cheaper food options. It was during my virgin trip to Johor Bahru City Square when I
came across this Bear Paw Cafe that sounds rather familiar. It didn't take too long for me to recall that I
actually tried it before from Taiwan's Night Market (the original source)! Singapore has already opened an
outlet not quite long ago at Scape, known as Bear Bites. Despite having more bun flavors, less choice of
patties and different variation of sauces, I did not try the set meal because it did not seems substantial to

Unlike Singapore, the set meal here at Bear Paw Cafe have a huge range of bubble tea to pick from! All
drinks were in (L) size so you either have to finish it or complain about being too full after drinking halfway.
I had the slightly sourish Assam Milk Tea while my friend choose the Brown Rice Milk Tea.  

It felt like a DIY burger where you can customise your own bun, patty and sauce. Just pray hard that your
combination turns out delicious. (Not to worry as everything would be yummy.) My friend went for Milk
bun + Fish patty + Tartar sauce while I opted for the Brown Sugar bun + Squid patty + Teriyaki sauce.

The mildly sweetened brown sugar bun was so soft and fluffy that I fell in love eating it! Was it Hong Kong
flour that gave the bun its texture? A bit like the Chinese version's kong bak bao but much fluffier! I went
to ask if they sell the bun itself but too bad they don't. The cashier even told me that I was not the first to
make such a request. Since the squid patty was slightly hard and dry, skip that and try the fish instead.  

The 3rd time I went to Johor Bahru City Square the following week (yes, yet another round for me), with
another friend. We ate at Nandos for our late lunch and in less than 3 hours, we were already seated
at Bear Paw Cafe waiting for our cute paws to be served! This time I went for Brown Rice Milk Tea
which I felt it tasted a bit like hojicha (roasted Japanese green tea) while my friend had the Mango Yakult.
He was too bloated and could only finish half a cup! What a waste... 

This time I had the Milk bun + Fish patty +Tartar sauce while my friend had the Whole Wheat bun + Fish
patty + Tartar sauce. It seems like the choices were pretty default and people tend to go for the same few
standard choices. Upon my first bite, I was simply impressed with the generous portion, crispy exterior and
moist interior of the fish patty! My friend strongly agreed as well as he continued munching on his paw. I
would definitely be back again!!! 

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