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9 Jan 2014

Creamier - Totally packed

A super late post which had been stranded in my draft section for quite a long time. Finally it
could be free from being a draft! I guessed it was my 3rd time patronising Creamier which was
located about 15 minutes walking distance from Tao Payoh MRT station. I raved about how
much I enjoyed my ice cream previously (when it was less cramped) but not this time due to the
place being overcrowded. All I wanted was to rush finish my ice cream and get the hell out of
that noisily cramped place. I picked the Thai Milk Tea ice cream (cone) that day and I loved
the way it kept melting constantly and I had to keep licking while turning the cone around. The
milky tea flavor was intense, and tasted exactly how the actual Thai milk tea was.  

After I did a tasting for the green tea flavor, I did not order because it tasted diluted and not intense
enough. O well, my friend got the green tea flavor anyway. It was more towards the refreshing light
taste instead of the usual intense matcha which I always loved. Maybe some people would prefer green
tea without the bitter aftertaste. (Click to view my 1st and and 2nd visit.)  

*Update* (29/04/14)

Another time which I went to have waffle and ice cream with my friend. The crowd
was still quite crazy....I guess they would be expanding sooner or later.

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