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30 Jan 2014

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan - A Rainbow!

Visited Crystal Jade Jiang Nan at Vivocity with my friend and we shared these colourful xiao long bao!
Due to the broth contained inside which make it impossible to share, I only tried 4 flavors while my friend
tried the other 4. I started off with the vegetables (green), cheese (yellow), spicy beef (pink) and lastly the
foie gras (brown). It happened to be the order of my favourite too! The vegetable tasted clear and
refreshing, the cheese was savoury and salty while both the minced spicy beef and foie gras were tasteless
and disgusting. My friend had the original (white), spicy chicken (orange), prawn (pale orange) and truffle
(black). The ball in the middle was filled with custard. (Just to fill up the centre as the blankness would feel
awkward.) Of course we had ordered other dishes too but I decided to post only this since the rainbow
colours gave a lasting impression. 

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