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13 Jan 2014

Sushi King (JB) - Virgin's trip 1st meal

My friend brought me to Johor Bahru to find food and I honestly say, it was my virgin trip to JB! I know it
is rather shocking, even to myself. Can you imagine a virgin trip to JB at the age of 23?! Did I just revealed
my age? Anyway, we did not exit Johor Bahru City Square to hunt for food as I was already amazed by
the countless unknown food outlet brands located all around. We as adventurous foodies, randomly
decided to dine at Sushi King since neither of us have heard nor tried it before. So many plates of
untouched sushi revolving around the conveyor belt endlessly prevented me from taking them. I wondered

how long they have been on this merry-go-round system...  

So not appetizing! My friend and I decided to order from the menu instead. 

Our sushi with collagen balls! I admit that I ordered this sushi just because of the word collagen. Not sure
what it was made of but in my mouth, it was just tasteless agar agar. Did I just get scammed?

My Unagi Set consists of a bowl of rice, miso soup and chawanmushi finally arrived! Really standard meal
with no comments about the quality at all, except for the really slow service. (Thankfully we were not in a

My friend's rice set with deep fried chicken karaage, jellyfish, salmon sashimi and a piece of grilled salmon.
That concludes my 1st meal in JB, but more to come!

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